Sushi Tsujita and seared (I think) blue fin tuna

Hello. Partner and I went to Sushi Tsujita this past weekend and enjoyed the chirashi bowl. While there, we noticed seared blue fin tuna going by. Someone at another table asked about it and was told by the chef that it’s “very special” and must be ordered ahead.

Has anyone tried this? Is it delicious? And does anyone know the price?

I’ve only been to Sushi Tsujita twice and felt kind of embarrassed to ask…

Could it be fresh bonito? I believe it’s in season and has a similar deep red color

Not sure. A chef by the name of Hideo (I think) specifically said “blue fin collar.” And I am very much a beginner when it comes to sushi (I had the server point out the diff sushi types in our chirashi bowl).

Maybe I should try to order one ahead and then report back… :wink:

sounds like maguro kama (collar). usually kama is served grilled or broiled. kinjiro has a great kanpachi kama that doesn’t require ordering ahead.

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