SushiSho (Waikiki Beach): A Pictorial Essay

Just to confirm myself, I looked up tabelog beverage pictures uploaded by users for Sushi Sho (Yotsuya), Sushi Sho Saito, and Takumi Shingo. All of them have mostly sake, but there were pictures of other shochu, champagne, and white wine. If this is the case that there is typically no menu, or customers just tell them the type of drink they want, then it is whatever they have in stock/recommended.

According to the TableAll page for Takumi Shingo, chef owner’s bio confirms that he worked at a sake brewery before, namely Hirakou Shuzo in Miyagi Prefecture (they brew Hitakami).

I suspect that for Sushi Sho Waikiki, the focus would be sake, and anyone is more than welcome to also order beer, or champagne to start, or order a whole bottle of something very special (the unicorn stuff) if they have it, or request shochu if they feel like it. Or switch it up somewhere in between to give customers the choice. Although ultimately mixing your drinks is not a good way to go as it could affect your sense of taste…sticking to just one type for the most part (e.g. sake) would let you experience a variety in a much simpler way.

For those that want something heavy duty, it’s always fun to have a glass of their exclusive bottling of Nami Hana somewhere in the meal or as a closer. Be warned, it’s very strong, but wonderfully aromatic.

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