Suzanne Goin Converts Brentwood’s Tavern Into a Second AOC Location

Happy news for us Westsiders. I liked Tavern well enough but AOC is special.


AOC hasn’t been good in a long time IMHO.

Great news. The takeaway I had for Valentine’s Day this year was only good, but the in-person meal I had there previously (which I think might’ve been w/i 1-yr of the first lockdown) was excellent.

Not really sure why they need to renovate the space (which I thought was already lovely), but YMMV, I guess.


I just hope they keep that side take away counter they had!

I hadn’t been there in several years but then I went sometime in 2019 (nope, can’t narrow it down any further) and really enjoyed it.

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I won’t go back, it’s super loud. The server had to bend down to hear our order, we couldn’t hear her at all. I mean, it’s loud. Beyond loud. The atrium is gone, it’s just the bar area and the area where the larder was (at Tavern) is now tables. There’s a small “quiet” section on the San Vicente side but it’s dark and not so quiet.

Food was good, not great enough to make me want to return, very small portions and expensive. Nothing memorable.


Are they still doing outdoor seating, or did that disappear when the restrictions were lifted?

The acoustics in Tavern were truly foul, as well. It’s a shame that that didn’t change w/ the remodel…


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We went early and were seated in the front room it got loud after 7p but was still bearable. I thought it was pretty good overall but not great prices I thought were reasonable for the quality. I’d go back

Just a couple pictures

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