T’is BLT time, Post your favs

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Thick bacon, basil and a fried egg.

Not your father’s BLT …

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Doesn’t count, but nothing beats home grown lettuce, heirloom tomatoes on home made sourdough toasted with bacon fat


I bet. I think most Mendocino Farms sandwiches are pretty darn delicious.

I had a BLTA @ The Counter last week (quick workday lunch) that was tasty. Actually it was better than I thought it would be. Good quality ingredients throughout. I’m a big fan of avocado in my BLT.

Since you are the person Ipse, who believes XLB can’t be seen as Dumplings, (https://www.chowhound.com/post/xiao-long-bao-dumplings-split-la-442135) I’m going to have to say that sandwich doesn’t qualify as a BLT in the slightest.

That is a THICC cut tomato.

Breakfast BLT (con huevos) at Marty’s (on Pico in West LA, a few blocks east of Overland)…



Clementine puts out a pretty good one. I think it usually pops onto the menu in late summer (available from late July-September).

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My bad.

The arugula in your BLT from Mendocino Farms threw me off. My bad.



The sandwich itself was pretty tasty but there are a few minor complaints.

  1. Needs more bacon
  2. The mayo is too sweet. I’d prefer Kewpie
  3. The tomatoes are cut too thick. When you bite into the sandwich a lot of tomato squeezes out. See picture below.




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I’ve been addicted to a Yuzu mayo that I found at Epicurus Gourmet lately. I bet it would help make a fine BLT.

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Wouldn’t that be like … Miracle Whip? (Which I love, by the way. #NoShame)

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Is it citrus that gives Miracle Whip it’s tang? I’ve never considered it before. I, too, also love Miracle Whip. Growing up, I used to make my Mom buy Miracle Whip…my own kids haven’t developed an appreciation for it, yet.

I believe it’s more the vinegar (and maybe paprika) that gives Miracle Whip its hallmark tang, but between us chickens, yuzu would work just as well.

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I wish the version at Sugar Rush in Walnut had better tomatoes, but the lettuce, thick and flavorful bacon, and avocado (ok, so it’s an ABLT) still make it a good version that is infinitely better in the summer, when the tomatoes are ok.

Picture from Yelp:


I bought the same mayo and used it for tuna fish salad. Added a lovely lemony flavor along with the wonderful texture of Japanese mayo. Counting the days until they reopen!


Tuna salad?!? I am so trying that with the Ortiz I have in the jar.

I may need to hack this.
Kewpie + Yuzu kosho sounds pretty great.


As you probably know Costco has Genova oil packed tuna for a pittance. I use this with some wonderful whiskey barrel aged fish sauce I got from Epicurus according to this advice, https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/06/how-to-make-the-best-tuna-salad-sandwich.html. Although, to be honest, I just dump some fish sauce in until I think it is right. I don’t tell my wife about it until after she has tasted it as she has a superstition about anchovies. Actually I don’t admit it even after she says it is the best ever. Discretion is often the better part of valor! Far cry from a BLT but my home smoked bacon just went moldy and it will be several weeks until I have a new batch. So it goes.


Both are currently off the menu but Gjelina Takeaway and Rose Cafe do excellent BLTs.