Table 22 - restaurant "subscriptions"

As mentioned in the Holbox topic. Other LA participants include:

  • Alimento
  • Gwen
  • The Joint
  • Little Fatty
  • Pasjoli
  • Saison (Angler?)

I can’t find a customer-oriented site. I guess each restaurant does its own?

Nowadays because we are cooking so much more at home, we rarely go to the same restaurant once a year let alone once a month. So as I got heavy promotion for Table22… I kinda ignored it. Then, Standings Butcher Shop announced their partnership (I had previously asked them to join locale). I signed up instantly!

I love Standings, we get all our holiday meats from them, we try to go once a month, but sometimes that turns into two and as of late… four! We don’t eat that much meat, we have a great live kill chicken place we can walk to and since Locale added Electric City Butchers we’ve gotten a lot from them, so as I said… it had been a while…

So the deal is similar to the other Table22 deals. You get options of a $85 sub or a $155. The difference being more serving size. The idea is that you get at least four meals out of what you get from the box, which to me, sounded like a STEAL. You also get some other ‘perks’ and you have the option to add on pantry items for $25 more. My pantry is pretty well stocked at the moment, so I passed… but their pantry items are Rancho Gordo, produce from Weiser Farm… I’m sure it’d be a great add on eventually.

Well yesterday was the first box pick up day! I got the $85 dollar box Two weeks before pick up, they ask if you want the add on. A week before pick up day, you select your pick up slot you want to go pick up. I loved how organized it is which in my crazy life was ample enough time to get my $#!+ in order.

And if you are still reading… here’s what I got!!

WAY MORE than I expected!!!

– 1lb Ground Beef $12.99 – We live on Ground Meats. Usually for us it’s Chicken or Berkshire Pork we get from Tokyo Central! Looking forward to using this to make Hamburg Steaks!

– 0.8lb Boneless Pork Chops $15.38 – Looking forward to grilling these and serving it with some Banza Mac n Cheese I want to try.

– 1.96lbs Rib Eye $66.62 – I was floored when I saw this in the as part of the box. I was expecting some cut of something nice… but not nearly 2lbs!!! They also included a really nicely written recipe for reverse searing these bad boys

– 1lb of house rendered Lard $7 – I just happened to be out of lard so I was thrilled to get this. Will be making Cobbler!

– Escali Pocket Meat Thermometer $17 – We are a Thermapen household, but we have lost two to travel (Including one we think was pilfered by the TSA) so we will be traveling with this now for sure as it seems super fast and accurate even in the ambient environment,

– Portion of Flakey Sea Salt. ? Love that they added this instead of a whole container. It’s just enough for the items on the box.

– Lemon Merguez Sausage $8 – This was the item I honestly was most looking forward to! I love Standings sausage and I hope they continue to send them. Because Merguez tend to be a thinner smaller sausage, they included 4!

You could just see how wonderfully spiced and fatty these little sausages here! They held up great on the grill and we made them into Sandwiches using Surfas Parbaked Baguettes, whipped up some Harrisa mayo, grilled up some asparagus and whipped up a package of Trader Joes Slaw (So glad it’s back! The dressing is awesome and has actual celery seeds in it!)

Total value of the box not factoring in the portion of salt or bag… $127! Well worth the price paid! Looking forward to next months!