Taco battle : L.A vs SF

You have been to both cities . I live near SF . I don’t go there for tacos . I have had some in the Mission good , but I loved the Marlin tacos that Sergio prepared in L.A , and that guerilla taco looks bad ass. What city would win in your opinion . Tacos only .
L.A ( 1 )
SF ( 0 )
Wasn’t there a survey thing on this site ?

no contest—LA. (Depth + breadth)

SF is a burrito town. Although we have excellent burritos as well (that are thankfully not Mission style—but that’s a different battle).

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SF is a burrito town . Battle over . What was I thinking ?

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there’s nothing wrong w/ a good burrito. We are fortunate in LA that we have amazing Mexican food in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

I am not a burrito fan . I used to be . I have eaten plenty . A lot of the places put to much stuff into them , Making it a boring waste land in those big fuckers.


for me—I limit the amount of different types of ingredients in my burrito so that the main ingredient shines through (in my case usually carne asada). I think w/ bfast burritos you can get away with adding more ingredients due to the fact that scrambled eggs are a very good canvas to add things on to.

I don’t think it would be much of a contest, LA is much bigger and tacos are more of a thing. You can get good tacos in SF, but if you were visiting SF from LA, they wouldn’t be high on your list the way they would be for someone visiting LA from SF.

A lot of the Mexican restaurants in SF are owned by Salvadoreans or Guatemalans, and some of the best Mexican places are Yucatecan. The major Mexican hotspots in the SF metropolitan area are Oakland and Redwood City. A bit outside the area, Gilroy is famous for its taco trucks