Tacos 1986 - Pasadena

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What’s the word on this location? Looking at taco lunch today and a really long walk. Going to make up for all the rain days. Should I go to 1986 or guisados on Arroyo? Have been to the latter on sunset. Have never tried 1986.

guisados is a machine of consistency. plus they have pan dulces at the pasadena location

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If you want asada go to 1986 if you want stewed or seafood go to guisados.

1986 hits the spot for that style of taco but not drive worthy IMO. Good if you’re in the area. Somehow 4 tacos and a drink is $20.


Both are within walking distance. I’m interested in a couple of places highly praised at ftc, but I don’t want to drive.

I may try 1986 simply for novelty factor.

Or… Is there a better option to these two in the general area? I plan on at least 5 miles of walking.

No. Imo the brilliance of 1986 is being the best in the local area they are at.

I mean you could go to king taco down the street for al pastor sopes.

It’s a different genre but Anaya’s and El Metate are pretty good big plate Mexican places in the neighborhood. Anaya’s is fancier, El Metate is super casual.

Get some Charedefined next to tacos 1986 if you go.

Their Da Hong Pao Chappuccino is fantastic - so is the Blueberry Oat Milk Matcha Latte. Really high quality tea as their base which makes it stand out.

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