Tacos Punta Cabras special of the day 11/3/16... pumpkin. Totally worth a trip!

If you’re in the mood for a truly fantastic taco (that costs $5.45), Tacos Punta Cabras has a Thai curry spiced fried pumpkin taco with a sweet vinaigrette and cashew salsa.

I didn’t care for their pumpkin taco last year, which was on the bland side… but this year they’ve really outdone themselves. Best taco I’ve had… possibly ever.

I went back and had a second even though I was full (I also had my usual tostada, coctel, and fish taco as well) because it was really just that good.

If it was cheaper, I’d probably have had more than 2.


wow that sounds good!

how much is the pumpkin taco


They have it today too.
On my way!

Here it is - glorious taco
Had a nice hit of guac on the bottom


That sounds amazing! Reminds me, I had a pumpkin taco at Guerilla the other day that was off the hook.

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I really like TPC, but am I alone in believing those tortillas are about another minute on the comal from being cooked properly? I find them unnecessarily soft and bland with very little toasted corn flavor. Most places don’t cook their tortillas properly, but TPC seems to be a particularly egregious offender.

That said, I’m hightailing it over there for this taco . . .

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Just got back from TPC b/c of this thread. Just delightful. They might have the pumpkin tomorrow, but it’s expected to disappear to make way for another special…

Now that you mention it, I think if the filling wasn’t so flavorful, I’d prob want a more fully cooked tortilla. But I don’t mind how soft they are…


I did not ask about the prep today, but now that I re-read @aaqjr’s post, I realize that I didn’t get a Thai Curry flavor profile: pumpkin and herbs were, respectively, the bass and treble flavors that I appreciated today.

Yesterday there was LOTS of lemongrass/galangal/anis flavor to the pumpkin. Very intensely aromatic. Not all that spicy (could have tolerated much more spiciness). Still, complex, deep flavors. It was phenomenal.

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The main flavor I got today was like green curry (w/ some nice thai basil). I will fully admit may palate isn’t as well developed as many here, but I don’t recall tasting the complexity that you describe. :frowning: Although I still really like what I had. :slight_smile:


Damn I missed this. I wish they’d still post their specials on IG. BTW if you’re still in the mood for a pumpkin taco and TPC is not serving it, GT has it on this week’s menu for today and tomorrow (their menus runs Wed-Tue so it’s the “end” of “this week” for this menu). But beware the salsa casera is hella wicked spicy.