Tacos: Straight out of Lynnwood

Here are some photos. Thoughts to come…


@Mattapoisett_in_LA Looks fantastic…commentary, please.

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Hope they take cash as a form of payment.


Doubloons only.


So I’m finally back to talk about the tacos from Balam Mexican Kitchen in Lynwood We heard they made their own tortillas & had interesting fillings the best of which is the one we’ll start with.

This is the Coconut Shrimp taco. It was crispy, perfectly cooked, with good flavor What made it stand out, the tortilla was a daikon radish. The mango salsa didn’t add much.

Taco De Rajas

Dommy felt it had too much sour cream, I how ever thought it was fine and hit some good notes.

The Fish Taco had so much promise. In the places it wasn’t smothered in slaw, the batter was crispy. However as you can see the balance was off with the slaw. The funny thing was the menu picture had the taco dressed appropriately. If I go back I’ll try this again and ask them to go light slaw

Being married to a Yucatecan Chicana. I’ve had a lot of good Cochinita Pibil especially from mi Suegra. When you make a taco, you dip it in the Cochinita Juice, add the Pibil then top with pickled onions and habeñero. Only when making a salbute etc does one traditionally add a schmear of beans. It was hard to tell how the Pibil tasted with all of the beans on it.

The beef barbacoa was really beefy but that was it kind of one note

The Al Pastor (special) was ok.

The Mole Almandrado it self had too much almond butter, however I think the rice worked in this taco. The chicken itself was fine.

The Huitlacoche was the one I was looking forward to. Even though it had Huitlacoche and mushrooms, I though the funkiness was a bit muted. However in the end, It was pretty good.

In they end they have potential. The ingredients are good. Most of the Yelp users photos I saw of the tacos look better than ours did. I will note they are promoting themselves as a fusion place. they do have a galbi taco on the menu. maybe the day we went, they just weren’t hitting their mark.