Taipei Street Food / Casual Eateries: Current Favorites?

Why thank you! Yes, it is my picture.

And again yes, it was colossally, FREAKING good - SO good that when I ate XLB at Din Tai Fung at the Taipei mothership the next day, I thought it was ‘meh’ .

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Enjoyed some fresh made tofu products from a roadside producer just outside of Taitung.

Dry fried fu jook (tofu skin) and some do fu fah (tofu in a light syrup). Very refreshing in today’s heat.

The meal on the train from Kaohsiung to Taitung was definitely better than the meal coming over on United cattle class.

A bento with fried fish, pork chop, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, pickle on rice. Simple, just right for a two hour train ride along the coast and over the mountains.

Seafood dinner last night at a very Taiwanese place.

Fish milt.

Dragon beads. The owner told us after dinner that these were cuttlefish mouths.

Fiddlehead. Best I can recall having.

Steamed fish. Delicious and pretty.

Washed down with a few bottles of fresh Taiwan draft.