Taiwanese Spring Rolls

A ruckus has broken out on Twitter over the availability of Taiwanese spring rolls in the LA area. Any leads?

Are taiwanese spring rolls that popular? I was just in taipei and didn’t really see them on offer at any street stands or any of the mom and pop restaurants that I stopped to eat at.

Apparently among ex-pats and next gens, I guess so.

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What is a Taiwanese spring roll versus regular spring roll?

Taiwan Spring Roll?

We normally see a version of Spring Roll in Taiwan, only in street stalls though. Are the ones in the OP kinda sweet?

The ones we eat, are a bit sweet. With peanut powder and powdered sugar. Along with a combination of mushroom, bean curd, cilantro, carrot, bean sprouts, cabbage, pork and egg. All slivered/shredded. My wife orders it once in a blue moon, she don’t like sweets. Me? too much other stuff that grabs my attention on the street.

Info from the same question I asked on the predecessor board a few years ago.

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Are you sure it’s not because of the upcoming 清明节 on April 5?

Nah. It’s because Frank Shyong just came back from Taiwan where he had one at a night market.

You can get these at the deli section of 99 Ranch in Arcadia or San Gabriel. The wrappers in my experience are made to order. I think the Chinese name is runbing (潤餅) or SE Asian folks might call them popiah.

I asked about them back in 2016 on Chowhound: https://www.chowhound.com/post/iso-runbing-banana-rolls-1035790

LOL too funny.

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