Tallula's (new Nathan/Loeb Mexican place in the old Marix Tex Mex SM)

I’ve been hesitant to write about this restaurant because I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about it, but those things are not necessarily food related.

I love all the Loeb restaurants, frequent them all. But this one really misses the mark. From the moment you pull up to the $9 valet (!), to the snooty greeting by the host/ess, to the extremely uncomfortable bar stools, loud music, and general off putting nature of the place, I am not anxious to give it yet another try.

If I want expensive and not particularly special Mexican food, then I’d go to Red O, but I don’t. But to turn this neighborhood gathering of 30 years (Marix), where you could go in flip flops and a bikini top under your Hanes tank, have self serve chips and salsa and always have a great time, bartenders were chatty and smiling/laughing all the time — to turn it into a place where, if they don’t know you, if you’re not part of their in crowd, you can’t get a table, you can’t sit on the patio (we were asked to leave - twice - from the patio, but they backed down when we mentioned knowing the owners), the bartenders would rather be anywhere but there, serving you overpriced margaritas (pitchers are $45), and where there’s no conviviality at all, is a great loss.

As I said to my friend last night - you can paint it, put in a fortune removing the koi pond and Japanese themed decor, but at the end of the day, you’ve still got Marix’ bathrooms (feh), there’s a problem.

I could discuss the food, but we all know how fish tacos and skirt steak are, they haven’t added to it in a special way. It’s good food, but very expensive. And I resent the 19% service charge.


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oof, I heard they’ve been serving upwards of 400 people a day.

Marix = Margaritas, Big Sizzling Fajitas and a good time. There’s still WeHo!

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Not things must’ve changed in a year since at this place. Since reading a post about their crispy green rice I decided to go tonight. They now just have a 3% health charge and not a 19% service charge.

Service is kind of… awkward and errs on the side of being ignored, but the cooking is pretty phenomenal. They have a habanero salsa upon reuqest that could be spicier but is quite balanced and fits the aesthetic quite well. The green rice is stunning. The roasted chicken is one of the best roast chickens in LA. Perfectly juicy with crisp skin.

Nachos, chips n guacamole, and squash blossom quesadilla all small riffs on run old staple Tex Mex kind of foods.

Worth the drive for fun and precisely cooked Tex Mex that is really vegetable-focused. The sourcing is meticulous.

I wonder if they improved over the year?