Taqueria Los Anaya

I had lunch here today as a preview before possibly bringing E. for his beloved huevos rancheros (thank you @Aesthete for the recommendation). I think Taqueria Los Anaya will fit the bill nicely.

We had:
Potato and Manchengo Taquitos

Crispy, not greasy, nice mashed potato filling, with very good guacamole on the side.

Tortilla Soup

This was very good. The default is without chicken (you can add chicken for $1.75), which made me happy. This was a dense chili-intensive soup, not clear broth like most. It’s mild, not spicy, maybe guajillo? The tortilla strips were very thin and crunchy, then softened to thicken the soup a bit more. I liked it a lot, it was different.

( Note to Destroyer and other places that charge $10+ for soup, invest in some good spoons.)

Taco al Pastor

We ordered one of these for future reference and because it’s one of those things one judges taquerias by, yah? We liked it and plan to come back and try more tacos. Good thick corn tortilla and flavorful, well-cooked meat.

Chicken Enchiladas

Meat was a bit dry, but not devastatingly so. Excellent sauce.

Pescado Vera Cruz

Nicely cooked, very crisp skin, smoky grill flavor on the fish, and the sauce was a beautiful balance of peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, just everything. I’d kind of given up on this dish in Los Angeles, but Anaya gets it right.

Regarding side dishes and sauces, the beans are boring and rice is an afterthought, but we liked the thick corn tortillas and the sauces are excellent.

I didn’t take photos of the interior, but it is very nice; old school mission-style. With dark, varnished wood tables, old photos of caballeros and bright serapes lining the walls, it’s cool and inviting. The service is friendly and efficient.

I’ll update after we visit for breakfast, which is soon, I hope.

Taqueria Los Anaya
4651 West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, 90016



Nice to see someone actually hit this place up!

Interesting that you hated the beans and rice. I always really enjoy the beans there. Figured the use of lard was just up my alley.

Where can I get better beans?

Will be interesting to see what you think of the rancheros!

Really like the chilaquiles here.

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Carnitas Los Reyes in Orange “had” the best beans ever. They had a fire and not sure if they will ever reopen.

BS Taqueria

Must be my tastes. I like Anaya’s beans more than BS unless they changed them recently.

I’ve said this a few times here…

There is a vendor in MacArthur Park, that serves beans and bread, $1-2, best beans ever, served up in the most humblest way. Don’t sleep on it

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Here are a couple of ok pictures of the location.

I love this place. The added charm is it’s close to us. Definitely try the taco sampler to find your favorite. Aren’t the tortillas the bomb? I remember @Aesthete mentioning them as the best and it made me want to go. I love soup and definitely want to try their tortilla. It looks really good. I agree about the beans, but thought it was just me. Maybe beans are not something you can recommend, because everyone has there preference; some like creamy refried, some like whole pintos, some like black.

Anyway, great report. This is making me hungry!


Yeah, that must be true. I feel like I appreciate all beans, but I do lean towards creamy refried, especially with lard. Anaya’s just hit me exactly right. I mean I’ve had better beans but most of them are either in Mexico or at really high-end places (Californios, Taco Maria, Cala). I do wish Taco Maria had beans on their lunch and Tuesday night menus.

A bit OT.

Anya’s tortillas are awesome btw. Really “fluffy” in a way I find just awesome. Between Anaya and Tire Shop I seriously find it almost impossible to enjoy any tacos without fresh corn tortillas. I wish it was the standard, but I digress.


Great report @Bookwich! Love the beans at Los Anaya. So much that I pay extra for a side when I get the chilaquiles. Just wish they’d let me sub the beans for the meat that comes with the dish. Little frustrating that I end up paying more for a veggie version lol.


@Aesthete I know you go to OC so next time you are in Santa Ana, get the enfrijolada with cheese or chorizo at Poltzol Den Cano. The bean sauce is really good.


Ah good to know, I love Potzol den Cano. Best pozole I’ve had in the states.

Heading out here for the first time. What should I order? It has to be a to go order

Thanks in advance

what did you end up getting?

Ended up getting the appetizer sampler and a couple of tacos.

How did you like it? I was going to suggest you get that sampler, but it doesn’t travel well. Unless you live close by.

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i really enjoyed it even if it was a to go order. i’m planning on going back and eating there and try some other stuff.

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Excellent huevos rancheros.

And the American breakfast? Those were some beautifully cooked scrambled eggs. Way better than any diner eggs I’ve tried in recent memory. Good pancakes, regular sausage; someone else had eggs up, and those were pretty great also, the yolks were almost orangey. Los Anaya sources quality ingredients.


They source great and someone in the kitchen really cares! Although I perfer my Huevos Rancheros on top of a crisp tortilla… theirs are more like egg tacos… really good… but throws me everytime I order… LOL!!!


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I agree! I like a tostada style tortilla for huevos rancheros. But for the most part, I’m more of a chilaquiles breakfast person, so I rarely order rancheros.

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