Taqueria Sanchez, Centinela Blvd. Location -

Lunch at Taqueria Sanchez, Centinela location, today. I had a special caldo, which I’ve never seen offered here before.

Crazy fish, well-cooked, big cross-sections of a fish that I have no idea what it was. It had an oily thick skin, big backbone (no pin bones), and you kind of have to pick the meat out. I didnt have my chopsticks, so I had to use my fingers. It was kind of fun. And delicious.

The broth was excellent. I asked for a cup of the broth to go and they comped it. So very nice!

This place seems to have some changes afoot. A handsome older man in all-black chef-whites is the head chef (maybe owner?), according to his daughter, who was working at the order register. She was very sweet,

The food that everyone was eating looked great, very fresh. The al pastor was gorgeous, as was the chicharrones taco. Everything in the salsa bar was flavorful and the pico de gallo was very well-balanced and fresh (I keep using that word, but it’s necessary. :slight_smile:)

The whole kitchen staff looked new, and were dressed like real cooks. Also, the place was very clean, like, deep-cleaned, the walls and decorations, everything. I was impressed.

There were many new specials listed on hand-written signs across the menu board, some of which are only available on certain days (chiva!). The menu board prices were partially removed, probably to update them.

I’ve always liked this place, and am happy for them. I’ll probably be visiting again soon, and will keep you all updated.


Good report. Good details.