Tartine as a symbol of the intersection btw cuisine and real estate

I think you can access a few New Yorker articles each month w/o a subscription.

Really fascinating (and confirms a suspicion I had about the disconnect of the business when Tartine Santa Monica popped up w/ its own IG.

Has any restaurant ever survived rapid over-expansion?


“You either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain.”

-Harvey Dent


Restaurants conceived as chains have managed fast growi, e.g. California Pizza Kitchen.

a host of larger local companies had sold to multinational corporations (La Boulange to Starbucks, Annie’s Homegrown to General Mills, Lagunitas to Heineken, Niman Ranch to Perdue, Anchor Brewing to Sapporo, Blue Bottle to Nestlé, Cowgirl Creamery to Emmi)


Coffee Manufactory’s production and packaging is now under the purview of J. Gursey, a wholesale roaster headquartered in Las Vegas that partners with casinos, hotels, and the band Korn.

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Disappointing article. Answered none of my questions about what’s going on with the company and raised some new ones.

Tartine’s immediate success at the Guerrero location was based on the reputation they’d established over the previous five years in Point Reyes Station and Mill Valley.

Eater LA linked today to this bloomberg article about CIM

I was in SF in April and surprised at how long the line for the Guerrero Tartine location was at 4pm on a Saturday


Thanks for posting that. I had forgotten to mention in the original post that there was a mention of the CIM group and LA.

Article was super interesting and very depressing.

I am not a food industry insider and know even less about commercial real estate. When FTC posts started popping up about all of the openings in the West Adams district, I wondered if it was simply a coincidence (the restaurant openings, not the posts). Apparently, it was not.

“Organic” change is one thing. This is not organic. And it is not winnable, IMHO. I wish the legacy tenants and residents the best.

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“Organic,” I dunno, but it’s no surprise that the Expo line has sparked development nearby.


I agree. I was surprised when Tartine Sycamore, then Sightglass, then Gigi’s and Mizlala all opened up off La Brea on the same small stretch.

I like sitting at Tartine every now and then but this makes me rethink it.

Says everything you need to know about CIMs attitude toward “community”


Ugh, for me it was (were):

  • Kuba sued her in state court for reneging on the deal. Ramirez didn’t show up in court—she speaks little English and says she didn’t understand the summons.

  • “We all want to show that communities that are less fortunate, where the potential is not so obvious, can have the same things other places have,”

  • Kuba is often spotted cruising West Adams in his BMW; he’s known to pull over suddenly and jump out, with half the car sticking into the street.

-“The reuse of some of these buildings makes it very romantic and sexy,” he says. “People just want to be part of it.”



Cowgirl Creamery to Emmi

That one stings. Their Red Hawk is a fabulous ripe, washed-rind camembert-like cheese that’s a regular favorite.