Tartine sycamore

Stopped by the new tartine that just opened in Hollywood/weho area.

Have heard a lot of hype from SF and a lot of mixed reviews regarding the tartine Bianco that opened downtown.

Delicious smoky salmon, whipped zingermans cream cheese, mustard seeds to add an acidic punch, and dill for some herbaceous elements. The bread was crusty yet chewy in the middle. Usually not a fan of “toasts” but this was awesome.

Fig French toast with fig preserves and fresh cream -daily special. I was told that figs were in season but unfortunately we got only one sliver of fig. However, the fig jam along with the cream soaked invexcellently to their eggy French toast that was crispy on the outside and custardy on the inside. A new favorite French toast for me in the weho area.

Not pictured a croissant :croissant: that I felt rivaled chaumont in texture but lacked the strong cultured butter flavor along with a very good cold brew.

I get the hype as all their baked goods were very good and it will certainly be an appreciated addition to republique and sycamore kitchen bakeries.


Really??? I may have to try (esp since this location is way closer).

Didn’t know they were opening a new location, so thanks for the intel.

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Yes definitely give it a try that’s why I never made it to the DTLA location since its so far from me. Again one caveat is the butter flavor that is strong with chaumont this one tasted good but did not have that depth, will probably be back this weekend since I enjoyed it so much so will report back again, hopefully with pics.

How I didn’t realise it’s this close to us for a year is beyond me. Noticed it while checking out the lame record store across the street


Did you get a chance to try anything?

Nope :(. Had a Boston Cheese steak in my bag :slight_smile:


Tried the croissant, as well as a bunch of other things. Much prefer the Chaumont croissant. Plus the Tartine was huge, much like those mutant supersized bagels unlike the bagels of yore. Nothing from Tartine really sent me – fried chicken sandwich, salmon tartine, oversized piece of quiche (also from the supersize mutant school), various desserts. Meh, didn’t understand the hype if there was hype about Tartine. Best was the salad greens that came with the quiche because they had a nice vinaigrette.