Telefèric Barcelona - Walnut Creek

Went out to Walnut Creek to get a taste of summer weather. It was 68 in Berkeley and 99 there. Nice breeze on the outdoor patio. Splurged on that nice 2016 “Rubentis” Txakolina rosé ($52) and a delicious Suertes de Marques “7 Fuentes” Listan Negro ($55) but there were nice wines on the list for considerably less.

You can order off the menu and they bring some specials around as well, like this shrimp with pineapple. Not my kind of thing, my companion liked it. There was a nice simple looking dish of grilled shrimp at another table but we didn’t get around to ordering it before we were full.

Pepper stuffed with goat cheese, very nice.

Funny presentation for eccentric empanadas. Tasty though.

Forgot to photograph the croquettes before we ate two. These were very creamy and rich, and a bit bland, needed the aioli. I prefer La Marcha’s. The mushroom sauce didn’t do anything for me.

Tortilla came as little bites like this. Lots of potato, good but I prefer more egg.

Jamon Iberico, very good, good temperature (not icy out of the fridge).

Chorizo deviled egg with aioli, really good. Housemade potato chips were excellent, very thin and not greasy.

They comped us some stuff since the food was slow at first (we arrived during the mid-afternoon lull) so I’m not sure what everything cost. Overall very pleasant, I’ll definitely go back.

There’s a free shuttle from BART if the heat makes the 15-minute walk unappealing.

Parking info:

I forgot about the paella. It was very good though I’d have preferred it if they had served it with the socarrat at the bottom instead of mixing it in. There’s a fair amount of pork in there.

Love that rose. I picked up a bottle at SF Wine Trading Company a couple weeks ago, $23 if I recall correctly.