Tell me of some of your favorite places to eat in the general vicinity of Cerritos, Norwalk, & Artesia

@attran99 thx for the clam chowder tip! I gotta try that one out.

Not saying it’s great eating, but Geezers in Santa Fe Springs is kind of a crazy place to eat. How many restos have a statue of Bobby Jones?

whew cuz the few pastries I tried were all… not passable. I’m happy they’re serious about coffee, as the cortado sitch in this area is just as bad as the other area full of Asians (SGV)

@TonyC, thanks for the Thai (and Korean!) recommendations! I will place them high on my list.

Try Portos for a good cortado in the area.

Thanks for flagging Jay Bharat.

what are your faves at Chennai Dosa?

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I am partial to ravas, I usually order either Rava Onion/Tomato Masal Dosai or Rava Dry Fruit Masal Dosai. I dont go there enough…

By the way, the dosa at Jay Bharat is pretty good too.

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You are frickin’ amazing - really.

Mezza moved from Culver City to Cerritos. I really enjoyed their food but haven’t tried them since they moved out to Cerritos. Anyone have reports/opinions?

Upping this thread as I may be in the area of Norwalk this weekend. A lot of good options listed already, but any updates since late 2015?

All these places are still open except for Mario’s in La Mirada. It’s now called Sol Inka, but staffed by the same chefs. I’ve not been since the ownership change.

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Also their Doritos Chilaquilles are a revelation. Their flour tortillas are only second to Loqui.

The only thing I don’t like about Amor y Tacos is that you can’t mix and match the Tacos. :stuck_out_tongue:



Kitakata Ramen in Buena Park is about 10 minutes away. If you want to avoid the insane line at the Costa Mesa store, here is your chance. Wait is minimal around 1 PM on weekdays.

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ipizza and mezban burger have both closed.

instead, there’s a crazy old taco bell turned alberto’s turned paki/indo restaurant. and it is just fabulous (though also awkward and dead).

King Food/Food King:

Bihari boti with chole:

chicken biryani (goat on Friday/weekends? still eludes me)

There is also a outlandish Indian sports bar which I love, and they have kingfisher on draft… i believe it is the only Indian/British pub in all of california? Need to go try the fish n chips soon. London’s Pub

And thanks to @liq’s rec, I’ve switched from regular dosas to rava dosas and have been eating like a king @ Chennai Dosa the last few months. What a gem.

Was also hitting up Nanking for Nepal/Indo/Chinese food for a bit, but the Nepalese dishes are apparently only avail on the weekends, and I kept on bombing out when I request dishes beyond momo’s.

There’s also a vet-owned breakfast burrito place that opened, and Kokkio’s chicken, and an AYCE KFC joint (Dr. Chicken), but neither of the latter comes close to the newest KFCs in Ktown.

Finally, I’ve been revisiting Cancoon for the pure Issan dishes, and what I’ve had (especially the kaengs) were still mostly banging.

Tons of choices in the (562), really.


Thanks, @TonyC! I work down the street from King Food/Food King. I’ll have to give it a shot one day. I’ve been curious about the London Pub, too…I get Portugese egg custard tarts at Portugal Imports next door.

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That Doritos chiliquiles is no joke calories wise. Didn’t even get close to finishing it.

And of all the times I have been to AyT I have never had the flour tortillas. Thanks for the rec, I’ll keep that in mind next time I happen to be there.


Damn. Tons of choices, indeed. Thanks, y’all.

I could use a dosa in my life. And that KFC looks choiceee.

Reporting live from the (562)
Would you like a steak knife with that fish n chips?



Nice @TonyC.

So how’s the fish & chips? :slight_smile:


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