Thanksgiving Cooking, Not Gonna Do It


Hi @HolySchnikes -

I’m sure all 3 will do a very good turkey. I just remember my other cousin (lots of cousins) said WF was a good value. I looked it up and these offers look pretty good. You can upgrade to an organic bird or whatever.


Whole Meals

Cluck! Cluck! Gobble!

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Whomp whomp. Pricing is actually crazy reasonable.


It’s only polite to have an alternate to smoked turkey. Two turkeys (one traditional, one not), plus a tofurkey, and everyone is happy. :turkey: :turkey::turkey:

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It’s polite to decline a dinner invitation if you’re going to fuss about what your serve give you.

“Nobody cares what you won’t eat.”—Miss Manners

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Hey Miss Manners -

This is a food board, right? We’re stating preferences. I didn’t read about the posters who said they go to people’s homes and “fuss” about what the host is serving.

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

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I just like to make people happy. Plus, I like Tofurkey!


Which is why you probably have friends.


I’m sad that have nothing to add here. There has never been a roast turkey that as bought that met my FTC level standards. My contribution to this thread therefore is limited to my bacon wrapped beauty.


That’s fantastic. You get a little of the smoke from the bacon without overpowering the meat. Plus the butter and fat probably makes the breast nice and moist. :yum:


“It’s only polite” took a sharp turn into etiquette.

There’s nothing impolite about not serving more than one turkey and it’s rude to suggest otherwise.

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Okay, gotcha’.


I imagined it like this:



Very funny… Internally maybe, but I really was trying to play nice.


These are expensive but some good bbq places on the list.

I’m doing the Oklahoma Joe’s package with the 5+ lbs of meat.

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I looked at your steps and they look simple enough. Couple of questions: Did you cover it at any point? What do think of skin on and bacon wrapped? I hate to part with the skin. Maybe just a few strips of bacon for flavor?

Anyone feel free to give opinions.

BTW, how’d it go @HolySchnikes?


Went with a Bristol Farms organic bird. Delicious however I didn’t realize they’d give it to me vacuum sealed and cold. Somehow I thought they’d bring it out all steamy and hot and ready fo go. Not sure where I got that idea. Broke the cold bird down once I got home and heated in a Pyrex baking dish and served. Will probably do it again next year.


I tried it with the skin back on and bacon during a trial run, but the skin never browned.

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I would’ve thought that too. But the Pyrex thing sounds good. Did it come out moist?


Darn. Dilemma.


Funny thing. I saw Ina Garten do a show about a make ahead Thanksgiving where she cooked and carved the bird ahead of time. On the platter, she had a pool of gravy so when she reheated the bird, it would help with flavor and moisture. Would I cook the bird ahead of time? I’m not sure.