Thanksgiving Cooking, Not Gonna Do It


Oops, sorry. Like without the skin and the bones I might be able to eat them.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a weird relationship with chicken thighs. I can really only enjoy them when I cook them. These had dark spices - chili powder, thai curry powder, spike. Yes, I bought some spike.

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My relationship with chicken thighs is great .its the chicken boobs that I have a problem with .


Me too


Is it only chicken thighs or any piece of meat that looks like an :chicken::boar::ram::pig2::sheep::ox::cow2:?

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Hi @TheCookie,

Wait, what about Chef Zone’s version at Howlin’ Ray’s? :wink:

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I dislike legs even more. I know those are veins but it seems like they are. But I like dark meat turkey.

ETA: “those AREN’T veins.”

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:grin: It’s chicken thighs & legs.

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Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

I’ll eat someone else’s, but would never order just dark meat. It’s not about how well anyone cooks them. It’s a personal squeamishness about veins and connective tissue. If I cook them I know they’ll be cooked long enough to make all that stuff palatable. I HATE legs though and can’t understand why kids (the most squeamish humans) like them. Must be that handy handle. Very convenient for parents too I might add. I do like dark meat turkey though. Yes, I’m a pain in the a_ _.

Happy Chicken & Turkey Eating!


You said just what I would but better. EXACTLY.


Mostly moist. The top of both breasts dried out slightly otherwise the bird held up.

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