The Bang Bang Thread

Is that redundant?

no. i’ve been to too many organized debauchery parties lately.


This is screaming to me for you to give at least one example of “organized debauchery” with or without a reference to food!

Just talking about parties that appear edgy and mischievous but really aren’t.

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Did a uncle Paulies Fiona bang bang.

The Italian sandwich at Paulies is phenomenal. I would say this and Gwen’s version are my favorites in the local area

Got a slice of pizza and cake at Fiona which I covered in the Fiona thread


You speaka my language. :joy::rofl::joy:

Another great bang bang in that area is Uncle Paulie’s and Berlins. They’re walking distance!

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Oh that’s a good call. I don’t know if I could handle those back to back those are two monster sandwiches.

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Pasadena/Altadena bang-bang
The Roma Market sandwich followed by Bulgarini gelato and sorbetto. Leo only has 3 seasonal pear flavors left (Bartlett, D’anjou, and secco). Chocolate wise, he’s got a fantastic chocolate orange and the dark chocolate…no chocolate salt. I think there was a pomegranate granita today, too. I had pistachio with the secco pear…a lighter and classier version of peanut butter and jelly. The chowpup devoured the pistachio and had some of my secco pear…he was too full from the sandwich (and lunch at school) to go all in today.

Note: we showed up at 3:00PM and the lights were on, but the door was locked. A quick and simple phone call and Leo opened the door about 10 minutes later. So definitely call and check prior to if you’re coming from a long distance. We ran into a guy who had driven from Echo Park, and he was grateful we had already contacted Leo prior to.


Bridgetown Roti + Guerrilla Tacos + Moo’s Craft BBQ +

It was supposed to be Bridgetown Roti + Moo’s Craft BBQ (same complex), but I screwed up the date on Moo’s. We texted and sat outside… no answer so I decided to check the order info. :flushed: Poor hubs had been excitedly waiting all week for the Q. One more day, babe.

Roti does no Doubles on Saturday… we got Patties.

Oxtail + Peppers - Curried Braised Oxtail, Green Pepper Sofrito, Blue Mountain Country Browning

Yep, filling is rich, dark, thick, curried oxtail goodness.

Vegan, Slow Roasted Garlic Trini Eggplant, House Peppercorn Blend, Potatoes & Scallion

I hated it. Can’t put a nice spin on it. Mushy, soapy, weird.

Lime Pepper Tomatillo / Fresno Mango Masala

One “Mild” One “Medium”. Lies! Gird your loins. Hot & Hot!

I actually haven’t popped this open yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since we were downtown and didn’t get the BBQ and two patties weren’t going to do it we needed a Plan B. Ohhh the downtown possibilities…

Guerrilla Tacos

Are we the post Chef Avila FTC guinea pigs?


First sip of a margarita always puts me on a beach. :palm_tree:

Hamachi Tostada - Cara Cara Orange, Castelvetrano Olive, Pickled Fennel, Pepita Tatemada, Uni Add-on

Sorry… it did not make me pine for Chef Avila. One of my Best Bites of 2021.The hamachi is slightly citrus “cooked”, a tad oily from the roasted pepita salsa, briny from the olive tapenade, bright sweetness from oranges, a hint of anise from the fennel and the uni was excellent, so sweet. It’s messy and seems like a lot going on but it all compliments. No Lily was gilded. It was the definition of a melange of flavors! A bit salty and I wish the hamachi was cut in cubes for easier eating, but hey. Sooo damn good. :hearts::blush::hearts:

Two more winners…

Pork Belly Baby Burrito - Braised Pork Belly, Guajillo Guisado, Rice, Beans, Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Hash

Grilled soft flour tortilla w/a little char, tender pork belly, good seasoning, stewy sauce, creamy beans, tangy cheese & a little crisp from the hash. Yum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Puffy Pocho - Deep Fried Flour Tortilla, Ground Beef Pocho Mix, Chipotle Crema, Aged Cheddar, Pico De Gallo, Avocado Salsa

This gourmet version of the nostalgic Mexican-American taco w/seasoned ground beef & light crispy flour shell is tasty good. I may or may not have had another one the next day. :relaxed:

There were no available tables and they were really busy so we had to wait and didn’t bother going to ROW to eat. We ate right there in ERB’s empty parking lot.

There are some who have an understandably sentimental attachment to Chef Wes from his truck days and then those who prefer a recognized chef. I get it - his Char Siu Taco was our favorite taco in L.A. But! he seems to have left Guerrilla Tacos in really good hands. And that Tostada? Don’t tell anyone, but we like it better than the original.

Finally the Q…

Moo’s Craft Barbecue

I won’t beat around the bush. This is our first time having Moo’s and it’s now our favorite BBQ. It actually made my husband give up the ghost of the long gone Leo’s (now Phillip’s) on Crenshaw. The quality Duroc Pork is not bold, but it’s rich, tender, juicy. The smoke, seasoning & bark are spot on. But! what I most love is there’s none of the heavy lighter fluid taste in a lot of Texas & long smoked Q, just good caramelization, smoke & great meat. Same with the Brisket - it’s a leaner beef but not dry and has the right amount of fat to keep it moist, tender and delicious.Get over there BBQ lovers. :hearts::hearts::hearts:

Golden BBQ Sauce & Classic BBQ Sauce

I’m picky about BBQ sauce. The golden mustard based sauce is good, but the classic sauce was a surprise. They really put their foot in this one - thinner than most, vinegary, slightly sweet, slightly spicy sauce. :hearts: Next to Phillip’s Sauce it’s my favorite!


Pretty picky about BBQ sides too. The Slaw was good. But the Mac & Cheese was very good. It had that silky evaporated milk-style cheese sauce @js76wisco, almost too much so - rich. I have cans of Heinz Beans in sauce from that warehouse sale @Jase so I doctored them up with mustard, molasses, brown sugar, smoked paprika, aromatics, etc. We’ll try their beef chili like beans next time @NYCtoLA. They look great.

But of course…

Side note: You can’t rush the Q. Make sure you don’t schedule something else too close to your order time because we had to wait.

Mighty fine Texas Q, Y’all!

To make sure I loved GT’s Hamachi Tostada I got another one when we picked-up Moo’s the next day…

Yep, I :hearts: it.

Happy Banging!



I was there shortly after he left and while I thought the sweet potato taco lost a bit, the rest of the menu we had was still delicious.

Reading/seeing this makes me want to go back soon!

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hi @TheCookie,
nice banging. I need to try that puffy pocho, first, because I have a soft spot for hard tacos, and second, I adore alliterations. thanks.


I’m a shameless fan of the crunchy shell too. The Puffy Pocho is reminiscent of the Taco Bell Taco Salad shell. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Ha, Ha!!! went to Little Jewel 2 weeks ago! a great Italian sausage po boy and I love the fries!

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