The Bang Bang Thread


Is that redundant?


no. i’ve been to too many organized debauchery parties lately.


This is screaming to me for you to give at least one example of “organized debauchery” with or without a reference to food!


Just talking about parties that appear edgy and mischievous but really aren’t.

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Did a uncle Paulies Fiona bang bang.

The Italian sandwich at Paulies is phenomenal. I would say this and Gwen’s version are my favorites in the local area

Got a slice of pizza and cake at Fiona which I covered in the Fiona thread


You speaka my language. :joy::rofl::joy:


Another great bang bang in that area is Uncle Paulie’s and Berlins. They’re walking distance!

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Oh that’s a good call. I don’t know if I could handle those back to back those are two monster sandwiches.

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Pasadena/Altadena bang-bang
The Roma Market sandwich followed by Bulgarini gelato and sorbetto. Leo only has 3 seasonal pear flavors left (Bartlett, D’anjou, and secco). Chocolate wise, he’s got a fantastic chocolate orange and the dark chocolate…no chocolate salt. I think there was a pomegranate granita today, too. I had pistachio with the secco pear…a lighter and classier version of peanut butter and jelly. The chowpup devoured the pistachio and had some of my secco pear…he was too full from the sandwich (and lunch at school) to go all in today.

Note: we showed up at 3:00PM and the lights were on, but the door was locked. A quick and simple phone call and Leo opened the door about 10 minutes later. So definitely call and check prior to if you’re coming from a long distance. We ran into a guy who had driven from Echo Park, and he was grateful we had already contacted Leo prior to.