The Best Seafood in San Francisco, According to Top Chefs

Robin sounds interesting… anyone been there.

The Best Seafood in San Francisco, According to Top Chefs

Crabs, clams, and anchovies, oh yes! Fifteen can’t miss dishes and restaurants that take advantage of the Bay Area’s pristine local catch.


Robin… lol. A fun place to take a date if she or he absolutely doesn’t care for Edomae sushi and wants something fun and ballsy… like creme fraiche caviar and ramp on a potato chip on top of shari (not sure if they still offer that). It’s goofball nigiri but in a fun setting, kind of sort of.

But my issue is Omakase chef Jackson Yum’s choice of salt pepper fried Alaskan King crab… what a waste to eat it that way. Then again this chef is not my style, no surprise on his taste and choices… :sweat_smile:

I don’t think I’ve had that uni pasta at La Ciccia. Sounds great.

Hog Island Oyster Bar’s clam stew is great. I think it’s not thickened so technically not a chowder.

Koi Palace, fuck those assholes.

M. Benjamin’s seafood sausage is really good.

The Marshall Store kind of sucks (especially if it’s cold or windy) since you can’t drink on the premises. I much prefer Tony’s (part of the Hog Island group).