The cafe sua da thread

Top picks for cafe sua da - please note how sweet it is as people have different preferences. I find that Lees makes for a great baseline.

Tan Hoang Huong, Fountain Valley - not too sweet, one of the better preps I’ve had. Less sweet than Mr Lees and Kang Lac.

I can’t wait for @TonyC’s picks.

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BMMT scratches my itch for Vietnamese coffee.

Lee’s has a CSD concentrate in 16oz plastic bottles. A few years ago, we picked up a couple and stuck them in the fridge for later. My son didn’t know it was concentrate, drank a whole bottle and was spinning through the roof afterwards. Why he didn’t notice it was so strong or why he didn’t stop, I don’t know. But PSA - forewarn any potential takers.


Bmmt ca phe is as foul as its sandwiches. Shit grounds pulled thru shit spro machine with 0 love. Just a shit ton of “no”. In the immediate vicinity, Ba Le does it better, and Saigon express does it “right”.

In the region @ns1 mentioned… Good coffee comes with a side of divorce. #youcanthandletruth.

Also, @kevin brought me to this thread else I wouldn’t bother replying.

Sooooooooo…not foul at all?

I thought local ordinances were cracking down on the ecchi factor these days?

I have never had a better cafe sua da than at Ngu Binh. It seems like in a different league than any of the others I have ever tried.

Nha Trang, Monterey Park. All I taste is condensed milk.

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The people of Ho Chi Minh City are weeping.

BAMBU in OC currently my favorite.

Need some SFV recs. Has anyone tried the version at Bon Bon?