The Canned Wine Thread

I had no idea so many of you were low brow enough to drink canned wine. Can we separate it into it’s own thread so us cheap bastards can congregate together? It’s actually quite refreshing to see compared to Porthos’ epic vintage wine flights.

So what’s the best canned wine I can find locally? I feel so dirty saying that - “best canned wine”.

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Porthos + wine =
James Bond + Pussy Galore + Honey Ryder + Tiffany Case + Plenty O’Toole + (Bambi & Thumper) Mary Goodnight + Chew Mee + Holly Goodness + Bibi Dahl + Octopussy + Stacy Sutton + May Day + Way Lin + Professor Inga + Electra King + Dr. Molly Warmflash + Jinx + Peaceful Fountains of Desire + Strawberry Fields + Severine + infinity + 1

Me + wine =
Maxwell Smart + Fang

Ipse + wine =
Philip Jennings (Mischa from The Americans cuz no one has caught on to him and lived to tell about it) + Vesper Lynd (cuz she is his Kryptonite)

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me + wine = don “i drink more wine than i used to” corleone

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I don’t know if I’ve found a great one, but as mentioned in the other thread, I like the West Side chardonnay at Whole Foods. They also sell a cab in cans but I haven’t tried it yet. Going lower brow, the Flip Flop pinot grigio available at Ralph’s etc. is cheap and cheerful. And the Sofia blanc de blanc from Coppola in the mini cans with a straw is always a hit (and may be the original California wine in a can?).

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I gotta stop by Gelsons/WF and check this out.

Do you find the canned wines significantly better than the single serving plastic bottle wines?

Canned wine . Shit why not . I could see myself drinking it outdoors when you don’t want to be toting a glass . Pull one out of the cooler and pop the top . Jason Brandt Lewis is a master on wine on H.O . Maybe I’ll shoot him the question otherwise I have no idea .

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The Sofia one was the first I saw. Perfect for a one glass toast overlooking the Pacific Ocean!


I had a bottle, ahem, can of Underwood Pinot Gris on a flight a while back.

It wasn’t bad, but then at 33,000+ feet altitude, most things are about as tasty low sodium, diabetic Saltines.

That said I enjoyed it. The buzz, not necessarily the taste.

that explains about 90% of my drinking.


This is the raison d’être of vodka.

How about box’d? I somehow came out of the weekend as the proud owner of a box of Block '67 Sauvignon Blanc from Trader Joe’s. It being the summer of spritz (self deemed), I’ve been making Aperol sprtizzz with it. I actually haven’t tasted it by its lonesome, but as a spritz, it does its duty admirably.

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@Ns1, I think the only wine I’ve had in a single serve plastic bottle was Sutter Home chardonnay, and it was . . . not good. And I’m really not that picky when we’re talking about I’m home after a long day at work and I just want one glass of wine with my thrown together dinner.

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Better than sutter home is the benchmark i am aiming for


The standard profiles I’ve noticed are bright and somewhat fruity - conducive to picnics, BBQs, etc. Think transportable, outdoors, casual, no special drinking vessels required. Just keep in mind that one can can equal 1/2 to 2/3 a bottle of wine. Easy to get tipsy - too tipsy too easily.

Sofia is a small can of adult fizzy joy.

Fiction Rose is respectable, and Rose tends to go with a lot food.

I haven’t ventured into the reds as I usually go with lighter wines when outdoors.


Evidently canned wine is hot right now.

Cans are like screw-tops or bag-in-box, there’s no reason you can’t use them with good wine.

I thought the Sofia was undrinkable, though better than low-end Korbel.

I’ve tried the “newer”, smaller boxed Sauv. Blanc from TJs (can’t recall if it’s a TJs brand or not) and it wasn’t half bad. A little sweet and cloying for me but certainly drinkable (I prefer my whites to be a little drier and not sweet). It would be fine to bring to an outdoor event or to keep in the fridge if you only want a glass or two of white wine. I think they also had a Cab and Chardonnay (which I didn’t try).

That 1.5-liter Postulate blue box? I thought that was drinkable but I think the $8-9 Sauvignon Republic is a better value. It’s as good as most $15 Marlborough SBs.

yup—that’s it. I haven’t tried the Sav Republic yet. Taste better than the Postulate?

The thing about boxed wine . You still have to pour it into a glass . Pulling a canned wine from a cooler and popping the top to drink is the intrigue to me .:wine_glass: