The Cannibal on Platform in Culver City

It looks like a truly legit Cuban. The width, as well as the ham/roast pork/cheese ratios look spot on.

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Actually - it is probably a bit thin on meat, know that I look more carefully :frowning:

That looks pretty darn good. What kind of bread are they using for it?

what the hell is a General Tso pork sandwich?

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@CiaoBob I dunno but I’m gonna find out. I assume the kinda sweet-spicy sauce and it even has broccoli in the sandwich. Too bad it isn’t a breaded chicken cutlet…

@Helper_Monkey as mentioned above the regular sandwiches are the kinda puffy soft “amoroso’s” bread. Don’t know if they used the same for the Cubano but if they did then they pressed it really well because it was very thin and crisp.

Sliced roast pork in a sweet/spicy sauce, broccoli, got the whole dried red chiles in it like you’d find in General Tso’s Chicken. It’s different but good. Should put some sesame seeds in it.


how was the bread? Looks a lil woeful.

I like it. I know @Bigmouth prefers Gjusta baguettes, and there’s no denying they’re excellent bread, but for sandwiches sometimes I want something that doesn’t cut up my gums and the roof of my mouth or inflames my TMJ, and the bread here is nice a soft, with good chew, and soaks up the juices from the meats without getting too soggy or breaking.

Thanks to @theoffalo @Bigmouth and everyone else who’s chimed in on this place. Stopped by to try it:

Their Butcher Shop section is open now, and they have a deli case with a variety of beautiful-looking salads. Sort of like Gjusta.

The staff strongly recommended their Prime Rib Sandwich as “the best… the reason” for their fame. So…

Prime Rib Sandwich:

Their Prime Rib was tender, but overcooked (all well-done). Flavor-wise it was fine, but after having been spoiled by Gjusta’s Prime Rib Butcher, which is absurd in its greatness :slight_smile:, it kind of makes this one look bad. And Cannibal charges $18 + tax & tip for theirs… and you’d hope if you drop over $20 for a sandwich that it be great, which theirs was not. Here’s Gjusta’s Prime Rib Butcher for comparison:

And as @Bigmouth said, Cannibal’s bread is their weak point. Cannibal does not bake their own bread; they source it from Drago Bakery, and it really is like a soft Amaroso Roll, but fresher. I wish L.A. Philly Cheesesteaks were made on this bread, but for the Prime Rib, it felt like it didn’t match very well, and Gjusta’s homemade bread (baked fresh every day) was just a better match.

Dandelion Salad (Spring Peas, Dijon-Onion Vinaigrette):

I was excited to try their gourmet Salads. But since their salads are all printed onto their menu, I’m guessing they won’t be like Gjusta (which has unique salads every day), unless Cannibal was planning on reprinting their menu every day / week.

The Dandelion Greens were very fresh and slightly bitter (awesome!), and the Spring Peas were fantastic. :slight_smile: However the flaw was that the Dandelion Greens were completely uncut, which meant you taking a bite of the salad and then carefully chewing one long strand of Dandelion Green or else risk it splashing Vinaigrette all over the place, LOL. They should’ve chopped this salad a bit to make it more bite-sized. It was also overdressed (heavily). :frowning:

General Tso’s Pork Sandwich (Roasted Pork Shoulder, Broccoli, Fried Shallot):

Thanks to @theoffalo for the early report, and to answer @CiaoBob’s question: The General Tso’s Pork Sandwich tastes like a Char Siu Bao (Bun) deconstructed from Dim Sum and made into a sandwich. It was sweet and salty, and for me, it tasted unappetizing. :worried:

In addition, the Pork they used tasted old, like it was refrigerated / leftovers. :frowning:

The Bread for this pairing was the same soft Amaroso-type roll, and for this one, I’d agree with @theoffalo that it matched well, but the sandwich flavors itself weren’t to my taste.

Overall, the Cannibal feels like it’s trying to do a “Gourmet Sandwich / Salad” type place, except at the prices they’re charging I’d rather go to Gjusta any day of the week. It’s not close in terms of quality or execution.

But if I worked in the neighborhood, I wouldn’t mind coming back to try out more of their Salads and a few more of their Sandwiches perhaps.

The Cannibal
8850 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


That’s disappointing about the prime rib not being rare. Wonder if you got the front or tail end of the rack where it’s more liable to be done. FWIW the pork on my General Tso’s did not taste old. The flavor profile might be polarizing but I liked it.

Since this is just their first week open, hopefully they can improve on the prime rib doneness and dressing of the salads as they settle in.

Note the restaurant side of their operations should open within two weeks and will be a whole different ball game.

Wow, moment of silence for that overcooked beef. And two dollars MORE than gjusta.


I know!! And to think I complained about Maple Block’s $16 lunches… yeesh.


Hi @theoffalo,

I agree. :slight_smile: I’m willing to give them another shot of course. Just bummed about my first visit’s 2 sandwiches. Glad to hear your General Tso’s Sando was OK.

I’m really looking forward to trying that porchetta myself, but I’m also really intrigued by that Cubano. How was the pig’s head terrine therein?

I actually tried the prime rib butcher at Gjusta for the first time a week or so ago. Mind blowingly good. BTW, if you go back to The Cannibal, give the meatball sub a try. The meatballs are well seasoned with good texture and the kimchi marinara has a nice funk. Also, the bread works much better on that sandwich imo.

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And the Cannibal prime rib appears to lack the wonderful grated
horseradish that gives Gjusta,s version a great edge.

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FYI severe parking shortage for anyone who might want to go today for their porchetta. Looks like a film crew has taken up most of the spots on Washington and Landmark and all of the parking in the structure.

But how are the terrines and pâtés?

[quote=“theoffalo, post:28, topic:3290”]
but for sandwiches sometimes I want something that doesn’t cut up my gums and the roof of my mouth
[/quote] :smile: Thank you!

Been to the sandwich place twice. Not my thing. Unfortunately mediocre quality–frankly, like a lot of food in Culver City.

Sandwich was too heavy on the bread, and the bread isn’t great.

Hi @Haeldaur,

I agree with you. I might try them again after a few months, or if I hear more reports of the same, then it’ll be a pass for me.