The Cheeseburger at Everson Royce Bar Doesn't Look Like Much, But it Sure Does Taste Great --kevin's latest review


You’re like Kevin’s PR person


i just stay on top of LA Weekly reviews.


Always glad to read something new from Kevin; thanks for the link!


I can’t wait to see how much hate this gets given how much people hate this burger here.

I do wonder if Anne Fishbein accompanies Kevin on these ventures or are the pictures used taken on a different visit?

“Get a shot of that bar STAT!..oh, and can you also send me a copy?” LOL

the pictures are from Besha’s review of ERB from last december.

I did stop by to have this burger last week - i thought it was pretty great, but so intensely rich and salty that it was tough to finish. It almost tasted like a dodger dog to me (though i admit they were on the brain). I think I’d split the burger and another menu item (or 2 or 3) in the future. Loved the selection of boilermakers there though.

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I like my burgers with some crunch. Thanks for posting Kevn’s stuff.

That burger was one of the items offered at the L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade Stand event. I thought it was outstanding. Nice to see some love for that burger as it was memorable. Chef was very gracious.

that ugly looking burger was outstanding?

That “ugly” burger was memorably delicious. Best I have tasted in a very very long time.

I went with a group of people a few weeks ago. All of us thought most of the menu was forgettable, but the burger was something special. Incredibly rich with great texture.