The Deck - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro

A favorite place for many years. Unfortunately their feijoada has been much abbreviated :frowning: Just one pot of “pig parts” where there used to be many. But we had lunch there today and it didn’t disappoint. We had frango passarinho, good-sized chunks of chicken fried with garlic. SO good. They have an inside area but we always sit outside under the big open-sided “tent.” They take such good care of us, remembering us this time although we hadn’t been there in two years. Extra ice for our caipirinhas :slight_smile:

Right across from the beach on Avenida Atlantica and Sequero Campos. Ask for Jose (pronounced joe-day).



Didn’t keep the receipt but maybe R$45? or US$15. But there was a ton of it. We’ve only been back a day but we’re not finding things cheap. But we’ve not gotten away from the beach yet. We’ll see more in the coming weeks. Plus the Paraolypimics will be ending Sunday. Who knows?

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I stand corrected. Their feijoada was terrific with plenty of choices. The difference now is that they’ve combined multiple ‘pig parts’ in pots. Three pots. With collards, rice and beans. Sadly no okra which actually was with some chicken they served and no chicharrones (too lazy to look up the Portuguese). Only desserts were jello and flan but we didn’t care. It was super good. And we’ll be back next Saturday.

Price was about US$9 - still a great deal.