The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread

Quesadilla ft, Carnitas El Rey. Thx to @Dommy for the pro tip. Life changing carnitas experience.


Professional stoner invention

Italian cookies (biscuits), brunette spread, homemade cheese


We need to bring back Pup ‘N’ Taco!!!

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Unmmmm. No we don’t! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Those Slushies!!!

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Zankou chicken vampiro. This exceeded my expectations.



Wait, huh? I’m sure the car will drive here on it’s own…,

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Y’all know what it is.

Crushed Flaming Funions DeSano Napoletana


I had no one to cook for but myself last night. I grilled two artichokes and almost managed to finish both. It was glorious.


When Bob was growing up he didn’t like the heart only the leaves. His parents loved that :slight_smile:

I was the same way, and my parents saw no reason to educate me otherwise, and were happy to take the heart off my hands. Later my ex showed me the error of my ways – I haven’t given away a heart since.

Nor did his :slight_smile:

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I had it today for the first time since I posted about it.

I seem to recall the first time, my spicy sandwich had something else on it besides just chicken and a pickle for some reason I keep going back to onion straws or something. Something was different. It seemed just plain.

I had a bite of the regular, too. Same thing, Chicken and pickles but with mayonnaise on it.

The spicy was a salt bomb.

The pickles are awesome.

Damn, the first time I went I must’ve been drunk and stoned.

Wow, local Popeyes gouging on the chicken sandwiches. There is no way should they cost more than a chicken sandwich from shake shack.

That’s insane! What location is that?

They were like $3.95 at the Popeyes on Laurel Cyn near Magnolia last week.


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Damn. FTC really is everywhere.
Just passed the Palmdale location and was lusting after the sando. Ended up and In-N-Out instead because the kiddo is a vegetarian because she believes in animal rights . . . but is cool with In-N-Out.


Highway robbery.

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Trade Center Drive?

Just curious. Inquisitive nature.

Rancho Vista

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