The Frozen Food Thread

yep. delicious

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The Whole foods fish sticks with Toady’s tartar sauce is pretty darn delish.

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One of these by chance?

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LOL!! You know it’s lent when even WF is out of Fish Stix.

I just checked and they are out in my area too… but this is what they look like…

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I was very pleasantly surprised with Portos Bake at Home. Ordered on a Monday, received on a Tuesday. Was able to have portos baked goods on Easter with zero line hassles. I hope this stays post-pandemic.


The cheese rolls look excellent. You only ordered 6 dozen items?

Did you freeze any? I was actually looking at this the other day.

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I froze them all with the intention of them lasting several weeks.

It has been 6 days and I’m all out of Portos.

Shipping was $13.


It looks fantastic

Was there a noticeable difference between the end result versus what you would get there?

They are immaculate at the store but some of mine were broken as seen in pics. I served the good ones to guests and ate all the busted ones.

I imagine I could get the time/temp dialed in after a while.

Taste wise? 100% identical.


I like these okay, thought they’re nothing like Detroit-style, more like focaccia.

Trader Joe’s steak & stout pies are pretty good.

I’ve bought Vicolo’s at Costco, Trader Joe’s, and various other places. They’re sold refrigerated but I throw them in the freezer. The sausage one is the only one that I like as is, the others I want to doctor them with more toppings and cheese.


We did the Portos pickup last weekend. I considered the bake at home option, but we ended up at Ikea to pick up a desk, so I ordered online and it was ready for pickup by the time we found our way out of Ikea. Took about 15 minutes to pick up – they have an efficient system in place.


I am now a big fan of Amy’s frozen mac & cheese (all flavors) and mail order top shelf bbq.


My friend, Peter Reinhart, developed Amy’s frozen pizzas so that is probably a good bet as well.


Amy’s frozen spinach pizza is my favorite frozen pizza.