The Great Nutrient Collapse

Fascinating article about the effect of increased carbon dioxide levels on the nutritional value of plant foods.

We’re going to need more GMO. But first I’m calling my broker to invest in vitamin supplement companies.


… the protein content of goldenrod pollen has declined by a third since the industrial revolution—and the change closely tracks with the rise in CO2.

Numbers don’t lie. It’s interesting that a young mathematician in a biology lab noticed the changes and began to put it all together. Serendipity is the mother of science.


The words leading to the greatest scientific discoveries are not “Aha!” or “Eureka!” but “Huh. That’s funny…”


Or, “That can’t be right.”

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My co-workers know to start ducking and running away when I mutter “That looks wacky” when looking over something.

Do you work with volatile chemicals, explosives, or high voltage?