The Grill at Seagram Building (Four Seasons), by Major Food Group

Looking forward to this old-school, supper club-esque kind of mid-century American chophouse. Emailed, hope I can get in next month:

Lobster Newburg, Dover sole Riviera, a prime rib trolley, honey mustard duck, filet mignon with smoked oyster sauce, etc.

They’ll probably need to sell quite a few Rob Roys to cover costs - staff is in Tom Ford tuxes and steak knives have curly Koa wood handles.


Sounds kinda gimmicky to me. Or a place where non-adventuresome eaters visiting NYC, who don’t mind spending what I assume will be a lot of $$$, will go. I can’t imagine a NYer going more than once. Unless they’re “old farts.” :slight_smile:

It won’t be for everyone, sure. It could be gimmicky, in the way that Carbone as a high-end “red sauce joint” would be considered gimmicky by some. I still think it sounds fun, because I’ve recently wanted to try a nice, old-school supper club kind of place. I’m hoping the food is up to match, and I’m banking on that.

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