The Grill - Midtown/Central Park south

Mind-crushingly good pasta dish!!! Pasta a la presse - made with duck, guinea hen and squab roasted carcass. The best pasta plate I’ve had in recent memory

Another winner, the prime rib. Best version I’ve ever had (in my limited experience). I need to check out Smith & Wollensky’s next to compare

This is a quality establishment


Thanks for the review. Is that pasta dish a single serving portion? I am dining there in a week and I am wondering if a single order of the pasta is enough to split for two as an app or if we should also add the crab cake. I will order the prime rib.

I was able to split as an app but we also ordered the crab cake and prime rib!

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@Searching4Dunny agreed with @jntcho; portion is not heavy and ok for a single serving portion. The menu has lots of interesting & well executed items worth exploring. I.e this filet mignon with Peconic sauce

Hope you enjoy your dinner next week and do report back.

Looks and sounds superb. I will indeed report back!

I had the ‘a la presse’ here. It was glorious, spectacular to witness. Pretty darned tasty with the pasta too.

I recently had the version at Republique in LA (drizzled over a pie made from the offal of a specially ordered dry aged duck), but I’ve got to say, in terms just of spectacle and tableside serve, this one destroys it. Seemed way taller too :thinking: They told me how much it cost, and I gasped.