The Habit Burgers

Shocked to see a sign going up very close to home. Will I want to eat their food? I’ve never been in one.

I enjoy it, but I doubt you’ll be blown away by it. I think it’s better than a lot of fast food options.

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Definitely in the top-tier of fast food places, but not crave worthy to me. Will give them credit though, first time I went didn’t like the shredded, warm lettuce on the burger bottom and they will change that out for nice crispy lettuce on top.

it sucks

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Don’t be gross - kiddin’.

To you :slight_smile:

I just looked and see they recently opened in one of the lower level casinos in Reno. Might have to check it out.

Interested to see what you think @catholiver . Lots of other options than burgers- although have not tried.

Edited to add I think Consumer rated it #1-

I saw that also…and it made me chuckle. I don’t think I’m going to pick restos based on Consumer Reports.

I agree. But at least they grill the burgers to order, unlike MD. If they still have any kind of grill.

Tell me how you really feel. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fast food burger done in the style of the 50’s and 60’s. Not great but but hits the spot every once in a while.

If given the choice between the Habit and In-N-Out, In-N-Out always wins. The Habit is okay, but I don’t think it’s all that special.


We were not given the choice. It just appeared one day. :wink:

My local Habit is terrible. Hope yours is better because they are not exactly consistent from location to location, which I believe is crucial for a business model such as theirs. I have no confidence in visiting another location solely from a poor experience from one of their locations.

Also, in SoCal, Burger Lounge has better tasting beef for a place of that genre. Don’t know how consistent there are though as I usually only go to one location exclusively.

For a large chain Habit is above average IMHO. Two major things in their favor for me are the onion rings and sweet potato fries most places don’t have. Also pretty darned good small salads if you want them. I order the Santa Barbara style burger, which comes on sourdough bread. That’s not an option most places.

I’m a major In-n-Out fan but their limited menu is not always what I’m looking for. I think it’s a good value but it’s limited.

Ipse, is your comment re the shredded lettuce or Habit in general? If general it’s a rare time when I vigorously disagree.


It’s in total

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Believe it or not, some of us here aren’t from SoCal (ok, I am “from” there but departed 32 years ago). I suppose the good news is that a Pet Food Express is going in right across the driveway from the Habit, so if I need really good quality meat, I can get some of their fancy refrigerated/frozen dog foods which likely cost just about as much per serving.

Confusing. Isn’t “Habit in general” the same as “in total”? Or is that a comment on life??

I went for lunch today. Now, I’ve been.

Burger was above-average fast food. Two well-done patties - char flavor was nice, fear of e-coli cooking not fine. Hot and cooked to order - good. Fries were not hot and not cooked to order - should have sent them back, although they seemed like they would be very good if served right away (i.e., not soggy, still had some crunch). I didn’t mind my lunch. I expect that at some point, I’ll return when someone I’m with wants to go. And unlike those golden arches, I’ll accompany the companion.

Where’s the fear of e-color coming from??

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