The House-made Hot Sauce Thread

One of the silver linings of the pandemic was seeing how restaurants were so resilient in pivoting their business model to incorporate market and pantry goods. Many of them started bottling and selling their house-made hot sauces, and it has been great stocking my fridge with small-batch-lacto-fermented-chef’ed-up-sauce instead of whatever was on supermarket shelves.

Here are some of my favorites:

Bar Ama’s Bus Driver Sauce

Smokey and vinegary, with a touch of heat—I find myself using this very liberally.

Highly Likely

A more traditional hot sauce made with fresno chili, and it’s probably my favorite. It’s addictive.


Fermented blend of fresno chili and actually hotter than I thought it would be. The secret weapon in this one is the ginger.


They’re good at making jam and good at making hot sauce too. It’s got a good zip to it and at least since it’s fermented there’s no risk of mold.

Hail Mary

Another one of my recent favorites–it has a lot going on and comes in a perfectly big bottle. It also landed on the recent LA Times list:

Anyone else have any they really like?


Just about anything from the folks at Eszett is pretty darn good.

The hot sauce goes by the brand name Sbez.


I’ve had their webpage open in a tab for weeks but can’t decide which one to get. What’s the move?

Chef Gary (former sous chef at Melisse & friend) has a couple different versions of his hot sauce


Nice! I particularly enjoyed OG, Too Small to Bail and Karen Melter. If you eat at Eszett you can get samples for $1 which is nice.


Non-hot sauce related discourse but Eszett is probs the place im most excited to eat at in the next few months. I love their dining room and their food is so tasty and fun.


It’s hot and a sauce: Umamei XO.

I love her sauce–the vegan one is actually quite good too.

BTW, Now Serving stocks a lot of these:

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Chichen itza! And Sambal Evie is good as hell too.

I’m also really digging this chili oil:


Slightly different kind of hot sauce we love - Izakaya Hero’s Devil Miso

"is an exciting delicious spicy miso. It is a great match for fresh vegetable and tofu. Try it on eggs, pizza, noddles, any other foods to boost of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds."


My Mom puts it on her eggs almost everyday