The Los Angeles Times names two new restaurant critics


Wonderful news.

Maybe makes up for not being able to consult LA Weeklys food section now!

Not familiar with Escarcega but I like Bill Addison and Pete Meehan. It seems like they had to hire 3-4 people to take J Gold’s place.

That’s what I said they’d have to do.

Addison’s a great choice.

Bill Addison’s the same guy who gave us this listicle, right?

Meh, only time will tell.

Hey! These are not the “best” restaurants in America, they are the essential restaurants in America.

I will absolutely give Mr. Addison a chance to succeed. He’s traveled and written about food all over the country, but will only be relocating to L.A. at this time for this new job. Just to catch up with the current frenetic and diverse food scene in Southern California (and obtaining an astute understanding of its origins) is gonna be a herculean task. I wish him the best.

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A little bird should steer him to this site.

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I think this explains why we’ve been seeing so many reviews by Lucas Kwan Peterson: Patricia Escárcega was on maternity leave.