The Manufactory (Tartine Bianco, Alameda Supper Club, The Market) - ROW DTLA

the market bar menu

Thanks @PorkyBelly! It reads like a happy hour menu. A lot of assembly, but not much cooking. I’ll probably check it out when I’m in downtown.

Thanks @PorkyBelly, @skramzlife, and @chewchow for the reports. Going next weekend.

Also glad to see so many bottles of wine < $75. Corkage is reasonable at $25.

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Or a sign of apocalypse. These days, I lean toward the catastrophic.

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Or… There be lucky charms nearby!


No. And this one is particlarly obnoxious. “… sustain [our] artisanship”??? GTFO :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


If they really need it for that, just build it into the menu prices.

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evidently America can’t understand “built in service fee”

ref: tipping threads dominated by Americans

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This thread is all over the road with peeps who liked it and those who didn’t and those just being confusing. But your pictures look fabulous @PorkyBelly. :blush:

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Now 6% at many places in sf. It’s also taxed. I threw a party for 18 recently and this line item was noticeable. I inquired about why I was being taxed on this extra service charge, while 22% tip was already included. Granted it was a private party but I’ve also seen the 6% at other places and yep it’s also taxed. I told them I’d prefer to add it as simply more tip instead but didn’t want to keep at it and ruin the mood. At the end I just accepted that his is how it is to eat in sf at most places - add 30-36% to the subtotal. When I come in under, I’m pleasantly surprised.

About Tartine - the menu isn’t quite my style, but that prosciutto flatbread looks tasty.

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I was just in SF recently and saw 4‰ at a lot of places but nothing higher than that. I’m not sure in SF, but in LA, I believe you can request for this fee to be removed from the bill. But either way, it’s really annoying and I’m just going to start tipping less.

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What time does the market bar open?

That would seriously irritate me. If they’re going to tax it, why don’t they just increase the menu prices by X%?

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didn’t want to keep at it and ruin the mood. At the end I just accepted that his is how it is to eat in sf at most places

This is the problem. Everyone is getting nickel and dimed, but it is so off-putting to discuss this with the server and management while sitting at a table with friends. And of course the owners count on people being embarrassed to “raise a fuss” and ruin the mood of a nice meal.


That’s why I send messages to the restaurant afterwards… :frowning:



I got to try the (off-menu) flatbreads and they’re great. Apparently they’re only temporarily offering them in the tartine bianco dining room if you ask nicely. The server explained they eventually want the flatbreads to be exclusive to the market bar, not sure how well that’ll go over with the crowds. Almost every table around me had multiple orders of it and i watched every new table, after eyeing their neighbor’s flatbread and discovering it wasn’t on the menu, asking their server about it.

Pacing is still off, even after asking to have everything coursed out i still got everything at once and had to send the morcilla back to the kitchen.

ham, comte, mustard seed, thyme, honey

crushed bianco dinapoli tomato, parmigiano reggiano, basil

eggplant dip, fermented red pepper
bread was delicious as expected. the dip was okay.

chicken liver, kumquat, blood orange
the liver was a bit thinner than i’m used to but still tasty. like a chicken liver pb&j, or a cl&j.

morcilla, apple, mustard, fines herbes
A little crumbly and not very hemoglobin-forward, served with a sweet apple like sauce, fine.

grilled wild blue shrimp, carrot sofrito, hoja santa, ember roasted carrot
as soon as they put this down i could tell by the decapitated shrimp that something was off. taking a bite, my suspicions were confirmed. the meat was soft and mushy like it was sitting in a marinade for too long. i sent it back and it was taken off the bill. they said after inspecting the rest of their shrimp they’re taking the entire dish off the menu for the night. not sure how a whole batch of bad shrimp went undetected and made it out of the kitchen.

ginger tart, almond cream, rye, lemon marshmallow, meringue kisses


ouch @PorkyBelly looks like this was a miss for you as well.

Wish I could have just ordered a whole pie of the ham & honey flatbread when I went…only thing that seemed worth it IMO.

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Cancelled my Bianco resie last night in favor of grabbing some pastries this morning. Entire Manufactory closed for a private event today and tomorrow. Turned away at door in most rude fashion by black suited security.


Us FTC riff raff… F— that noise.

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