The Michelin Guide to return to Los Angeles as part of new California edition


They must have had inspectors covering the new areas for a while.


“It will be the first time Michelin and its team of anonymous inspectors evaluates restaurants across an entire state in the U.S. rather than a specific city, a nod to California’s prowess as a premier food destination, guide officials said.”

So it sounds like there are two basic objections. One is that some don’t want LA to be in any Michelin guide and some who want it to have its own not just be in with all of CA. Yes? Regarding the latter how could that practically happen? Where do you draw the boundary? Must have a Los Angeles address? As far as all of CA, where would one draw the boundary? Or SFBA. Who decides what is the BA? What about NorCal and SoCal? I don’t have a dog in this hunt so it’s more a logistical one.


All seems beside the point to me since the state’s official tourism agency is paying Michelin (at no cost to taxpayers) to cover the whole state.


seems like more than a few

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I believe that’s how many guides are conceived since Michelin does bring in the dough…the HK, Taiwan, and Korea guides are just a few examples.


Also Thailand.


So, imaging, one of the FTC favorites, say, Republique gets a star.
It is already not an easy reservation to make, but surely will become impossible after Michelin.
For those who remember Michelin guide from before, how badly did it affect availability in your favorite places. Mori sushi had a star, and so did Asanebo, but was it difficult to get in?


Providence had 2 stars and I don’t recall it being a hard reservation to get. I think the price point left the masses out but then I look at a place like n/naka that’s even pricier than Providence yet reservations are almost impossible.


For the record, I didn’t say that. You should have put that in quotes.


n/naka isn’t pricier than Providence’s chef’s tasting menu but it’s impossible to get a reservation there because they only have like 9 tables and Chef’s Table on Netflix blew them up. While Michelin has reach, it’s nowhere close to what Netflix can do since everybody has Netflix but at least 3/4 of the population hasn’t heard of the guide.

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it may not be pricier than the chef’s tasting menu but if one wants to eat at Providence, they provide much cheaper options, including their seasonal 9 course menu.

And iirc, n/naka was already a tough reservation prior to Chef’s Table. The price did go up shortly after it though iirc. But your point about n/naka being a smaller restaurant is probably a big reason.


Yup. Providence has at least 22-25 tables not counting all the bar counter seats IIRC.


Nope, I was able to get same day reservations before chef’s table.


Gotta love anecdotal evidence.


hope Kali squeezes a star


And now a New Yorker article will make it even harder

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Article on n/naka

Can’t find my same day reservation, this was four days out, not that hard.

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