The Michelin Guide to return to Los Angeles as part of new California edition




n/naka reservations pre-chef’s table were not impossible to get if you were diligent. See my prior threads on the subject - I was able to book tables every week. BUT only because I was diligent and spent time to figure out how the system worked.

Joe Schmo was going to be assed out of luck unless they got incredibly lucky via a cancellation or similar, which is how a lot of same day/next day reservations are released, esp. for restaurants with known cancellation policies. e.g. 24 hour cancellation policy = check Resy the day before for cancellations.

Hell, for extremely popular restaurants, I would argue it’s easier to get same day reservations than it is to book 1-2 weeks out (see: Bestia)

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That’s how I was able to get MozzaPlex reservations a couple of years after it opened. A month (and even a week) before and all they had was 5PM or 9PM. I called the day before (or the morning of…I forget which) and had my choice of 6:30PM, 7PM, 7:30PM, or 8PM.

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" It’s possible that some of LA’s stalwarts — Langer’s, Al & Bea’s, Savoy Kitchen — will get middling recognition in the upcoming Michelin Guide, but it’s very possible that they won’t earn stars and won’t be considered as best in class, despite their history and everyday relevance to the greater Los Angeles dining public. This is a city that still runs on pastrami and cheeseburgers and tacos, things the Michelin folks don’t tend to care very much about at all…But for the average Angeleno, the one who has been eating well around Southern California for a generation or two, it won’t mean much."

How is history and everyday relevance even relevant in a “best of” guide? It certainly didn’t whenever Eater comes with with one of those. Also, the guide is essentially useless to 75% of the local population anyway so that point is moot.


I didn’t take the history into account as much as I think that the people who currently care about food and dining in L.A. won’t care much about Michelin rolling into town. That was my takeaway from @FarleyElliott’s piece.




Michelin guides list a lot of good everyday places.


The key word is good and history and the “everyday-ness” of a restaurant shouldn’t have any bearing.


History doesn’t seem to be a factor, at least in SF.


people forget they can call restaurants. still think it’s a good way to go if you are having trouble online

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Oh I know that people here are complaining but it’s nice to also see chefs voicing the same things. Especially when so many other chefs seemed to be sucking up to Michellin. Granted I’ve never heard of Yarrow until right now, so I have no idea if it’s the type of restaurant even in consideration


No I was referring to the quote that you posted. I posted the same quote earlier in the thread. Yeah I had never heard of Yarrow either.


Oh whoops


I call for reservations about 98% of the time. I like talking to people…online reservations only go down if it’s a Resy or Tock issue.


@tailbacku and @AlwaysHungry with regards to Yarrow, @ipsedixit has mentioned it a couple of times on FTC. Vegetable-focused breakfast and lunch cafe according to their website.


which threads? on ftc? those were all post-chef’s table. i never had to figure out the system pre-chef’s table.


I googled it and remembered that they had talked up the burrito. Still probably not Michelin material


It helps to be a FOTC (friend of the chef).


:woman_shrugging:t2: But that still brings the point, shouldn’t our chefs just carry on as they have. That one red book can change so much when they’ve gone without it for so long is a bit mind boggling.


Someone I barely knew from CH is now a FB friend. He’s in or soon to be in Japan with some friends. This kinda made me want to scream because they’re clearly driven by those damn ********s :slight_smile:

  • Torioka ( Tabelog 3.98 – Yakitori. My first night and place is
    close to accommodation )
  • Den ( Michelin 2* - Modern Kaiseki )
  • Quintessence ( Michelin 3* - Modern French )
  • Umi ( Michelin 2* - Sushi )
  • Kurogi ( Michelin 1* - Kaiseki by the ‘Last Iron Chef’ )
  • Yoroniku ( Michelin 1* - Yakiniku )
  • Motoyoshi ( Michelin 1* - Tempura )