The Michelin Guide to return to Los Angeles as part of new California edition


God bless Tokyo.

Chef Brandon’s overhead is cray-cray at Hayato, and he is working authentic Japanese karoshi hours to satisfy customers. He is still barely breaking even. I think this is the one rare instance where I would applaud it if he he were to take the star(s) and raise prices.


Taco maria


Yes! Good call.


I forgot about that one. That’s added to the list, too.


Seconding that Tsuta Ramen in Tokyo is probably one of the best single food dishes i’ve ever had…just chiming in re: Japan Michelin star for non full service fine dining.

Also N/Naka wasn’t that hard to get in before Chef’s Table, I got a same week res pretty easily a few times.

Wish michelin wasn’t coming to LA this is gonna suck.

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Add Carlos to the list of chefs who are not exactly thrilled about Michelin coming to town.


Felix is Italian without French influence, so if they’re consistent with the Bay Area, no stars.


I have hunch that those that get a star or more will be singing a different tune. Who wouldn’t want more business and free publicity? :sunglasses:


Most neighborhood joints in Tokyo lolz.


Based on his twitter, Carlos is from a different mold. He’s an interesting guy–but I agree with you for the most part.

What I always wonder is if Michelin gives more or less room for experimentation. Do you have more freedom when you know you’re gonna be full or does that somehow translate to less freedom?

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LA business owners wouldn’t mind! It’s the same as a restaurant or taco truck wishing for Jonathan Gold to pay them a visit so they can “blow up”. I even see SGV Chinese hole in the wall restaurants proudly framing and displaying JG’s review about them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve heard it both ways so it really depends on the chefs. Some are confident enough that their product/cooking speaks for themselves while others try really hard to cater to Michelin but still get no recognition.


Gotta get that Bulgarini FTC meet-up going before his inevitable three stars.


While you guys were bickering I got the last Saturday reservation in June for Stinking Rose.


Nice. You and Mr. Gilabert enjoy yourselves.

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Make sure Sergio is in the kitchen that night!

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I’m cynical about Michelin’s ability to ruin reservation availability. Did Michelin make Urasawa, Providence, Spago or Melisse a more difficult reservation back in 2009? No. And it probably won’t this time around.


There’s a point at which reservations can’t get any more difficult.

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I don’t think it’ll have as much impact to the really high end places like Somni, Providence, etc because of the price point though i’m sure it’ll help, but I think it’ll definitely drive up business to the 1 star restaurants that are more approachable to the casual diners like Republique (pure speculation).


Ugh, I’m almost equally as annoyed by Michelin returning (period, regardless of whether LA specific or including LA in the All California guide) as I am by Eater LA having fucking six (6!!!) bits up on their front page about this :man_facepalming:

All this rain is making me grumpy; that and Nightshade being a bit “meh” last night, and Duello randomly being closed.