The Next Thing You Eat - David Chang on Hulu

That Chicago beef pizza that Courtney Storer made in episode 1, damn. Why isn’t it on the menu at Jon & Vinny’s?

Anyone tried Mariscos y Sushi Los Tomateros in Lynwood?

Too much cream cheese in the sushi for me, and the rice on the rolls fell apart pretty fast. Good sauce work though. I thought the mariscos side of the menu was better.

Haven’t watched the show yet so dunno what DC says about it.


Oh, damn, it’s one of those cream-cheese places? Ugh.

I didn’t see any cream cheese on the table when Chang was there.

Yeah it felt like 75% or more of the sushi was packed with cream cheese. You could order around it (we did) but it greatly narrowed roll options.

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That’s how I felt at Culichi Town.