The NoMad Lobby

Brunch in the lobby wasn’t much better than @Chowseeker1999’s experience at dinner in the mezzanine. Overpriced, insipid, and uninspired. The scallops were okay but microscopic, the crab in the benedict and pasta was flavorless, all i could taste in the tagliatelle was acid, highlight was the milk and honey ice cream sandwich. I would come back for the milk and honey.

Service was also very slow with a less than half full lobby.




bay scallops, yuzu, pistachios


benedict, english muffin, alaskan king crab, tarragon, hollandaise

tagliatelle, alaskan king crab, meyer lemon, chives, black pepper


milk and honey ice cream sandwich





Milk and Honey sandwich is the only redeeming thing about this place

Yikes, seems to say it all. I rarely venture downtown, but still this makes me sad as I was hoping perhaps for a reason to make the trek.

Haven’t been in New York, but I know it is very popular in NYC. What do you think the problem is? Lack of quality control for the far flung branch or maybe the NYC restaurant is just a place to be seen without good food either?

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks for taking one for the team. Sounds like NoMad still hasn’t improved since our early visits. :frowning: That pasta looks really… sad.

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And… dry? It looks like it’s crying out for some moisture to me. I’ve never had pasta speak to me like that b/f… :frowning:

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pasta looks awful

Now that the mezzanine is closed and consolidated with the lobby restaurant, Has anyone been to the lobby for dinner and had the duck? Seems a bit risky but it doesn’t look like too bad of a deal.

Considering catching up with a friend that I first met there for sentimental reasons.