The Pig and Butcher - maybe the finest Sunday Roast in London’s Islington

Perusing some online communities it became clear that this place may be the best option. Most of the great ones in central London are booked up in advance and so was this one.

We were booked at the Hawksmoor for it but really wasn’t excited so, we watched the Arsenal match and didn’t eat in hopes that we could catch Pig and Butcher with some tables after lunch rush and sure enough, we got a entryway table around 4 pm. Stunning beef and lamb roasts with all the requisite sides and condiments. Lovely Yorkshire pudding and creamed leaks as well

The room is as just the perfect neighborhood corner restaurant vibes and staff was as sweet as could be. Walk in hat in hand and they might welcome you without a rezzy also

Overdid it on desserts but hey

You wot mate?

Just the perfect room in the perfect neighborhood restaurant