The Ponte is no more

Eater LA reports that Scott Conant’s The Ponte is no more. It closed after NYE. Farewell, spaghetti.

damn their pomodoro was quite good…

Jame Enoteca’s cappellini is better, anyways.


Went there for the Travelzoo 4-course dinner deal, and when you serve Conant’s signature dish like this, you know they just don’t care anymore in the kitchen.

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I thought that was uni pasta at first

That is ugly. So sad to see. What happened to quality control? Thanks for sharing.

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IICR those look like the plates Terrine used, although I only went once so I may be wrong. As @tailbacku I thought that was uni pasta too.

It’s not even centered.

For some reason it reminds me of this.

when you stop giving a shit


To be fair, it’s hard to projectile vomit right on target.

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Right? Where are the other three slices, damn it?!

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Le Bread Pudding…with some sort of white sauce?


What was worse was the fact that Conant was there that night. I’m sure they knew the restaurant was going to shutter by the time these dinners took place, which was why the plating was a mess, and Conant only bothered with meeting the diners and taking photos with them…

This gets more and more interesting. So when it comes to Conant, when you know your shop is closing, you don’t care about quality control?
Good thing Jame Enoteca exists in our area.

Hmm Terrine failed in the same space but with a different chef.

The only other thing they shared in common other than location was business partner aka Stephane Bombet.

Infer what you want from that statement.

Either way this city has too much good Italian anyway so there’s no reason for expensive mediocre versions to be competitive unless they have a stellar location which they didn’t as it was always on a weird stretch of Beverly.