The return of Geoff Deetz - The Temple Club

He’s having a pop-up on September 1, but both seatings sold out immediately.

pork rolls: fantastic sauce, never had anything like it

jellyfish, great dish, again never had anything like it, reminded me a bit of Great China’s “double skin” in the variety of flavors and textures

pork hot pot: standout of the night, fantastic and again new to me; textures reminiscent of Thai House Express / House of Thai’s pork leg stew with fermented bamboo shoot, but completely different flavors

Spectacular meal. I hope Michael Bauer ate as well as we did.


Wow! Looks incredible!

I forgot to post about my lunch in October. That’s the street bowl size.

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This place is so good I was surprised that it was almost empty at 7:15 Thursday, but by 8:00 it was packed. They now take reservations and have a limited selection of wine and beer. Corkage is $10.

Jellyfish salad with lots of rau ram ($14.50). I forgot to ask if they make the chips from scratch, I haven’t seen the like anywhere else.

Pig ear salad ($12.50), looks similar but the flavor was quite different.

Salmon in clay pot ($14.75), perfectly à point. As good a salmon dish as I’ve had anywhere. Came with a bowl of rice.

Mì quảng phú chiêm (“American bowl” $14.50) with the accidental addition of two large portions of frog ($5 each, we only meant to order one), which threw off the balance and made it hard to eat. I preferred the smaller “street bowl” size without frog.

This is a must for any food lover visiting the Bay Area unless maybe you’re coming from Vietnam or planning a trip there soon.