The Rooster

Not sure if this restaurant has been mentioned here (didn’t come up in a heading when I searched it). But it’s a Bruce Marder place - and it’s been open for six months.

I just came in for the first time for a a brunch. I ordered a soft scramble of truffled cheddar and chives scramble. I expected cheddar which specks of truffle in it - like most truffled cheeses. But this came WITH ACTUAL TRUFFLE SHAVINGS. And a reasonably-generous portion of shaved truffles at that. For $18. A bargain! Came with roasted potatoes and half a small baguette and butter (great bread). I had to come back again and make sure those truffles weren’t a mistake. They weren’t. Get it before they catch on.

It says bakery outside - which is true yet. But also a cafe. Check out the menu online.

Had lunch here with some friends and we got pizza (with tomatoes grown in Bruce’s own garden). GREAT pizza.


Went there soon after it opened.

Decent food, but the Bruce Marder up-pricing made it harder to swallow.

I like it too. High Price. High Quality. Clueless staff.

Expensive, but I wish it was there when my mother was at St John’s. Glad to see that neighborhood has some good to great choices for food, now.

What’s going on in the space that Hal had for a minute, in the Best Western Gateway?

I heard it was going to be the women who did Border Grill. Their names escape me, but they’ve been around LA forever. I loved their veggies when they had their place on La Brea.

I went to Rooster once for bread, and I remember it seemed very expensive for average bread.

I’ve been a few times for brunch and a couple of dinners (save one dinner, never very crowded). The food is good (the burger, in particular, is excellent) but, as others have noted, on the pricey end, with an automatic 20% tip added to the bill. Sometimes, they have offered a baked good to go as a parting treat.

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