The Sale Thread

I hope everyone got the e-mail… but just in case… the Le Crueset Sale has been moved to September 17th to 20th. I’n so glad they didn’t out right cancel it. With the Le Crueset Stores currently closed and this sale now being right before the Holidays… hopefully this proves to be a better sale/ better mystery boxes for all of us.

See y’all in the fall!

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Zingerman’s,, has their spring sale going on, and they do come through in these troubled times.

Sorry if this violates community standards, I’m not trying to spam the forum. If moderators want to me to remove/move/edit anything at all please let me know and I’ll be glad to do so.

I called one of the meat vendors/wholesalers I’ve purchased from in the past (as an individual, not a business) and they’re hurting like everyone else having lost an approximate 65% of their business this week. I was planning on making a bulk purchase of meat soon anyway but given the circumstances I thought about moving it up if that would help allay the losses even in a small way.

Since folks seem interested in both helping and buying in bulk I thought others might think similarly so I’m posting in case anyone else would want to try and support a struggling food vendor at this time. I don’t want to mention the business name or prices here in case that negatively impacts their business further but if anyone is interested in making a bulk order of meat in the LA area within the week, PM me and I’ll be happy to send you the vendor information, forward their price list and try and work out some specifics on how we could potentially go about this.

To give some details:

  • This vendor typically sells chicken, pork, beef and some seafood products in quality range from commodity to grass fed beef, etc. This isn’t an endorsement, just to give an idea of their products.

  • I’d be trying to pick up in the next week but place the order by EOD tomorrow since we don’t know how the inventory/public health requirements/etc. might be.

  • If needed I can try and pick up and drop off within a reasonable distance of downtown LA but I’m not sure what that distance is yet without know where people would want drop offs.

  • They sell by the case which cannot be broken down into smaller increments. Cases vary in size by products (eg, I think their fish is frequently a 10lb case but chicken is 40lbs) and it’s detailed in the price list. If a whole case seems daunting to you, I understand but feel free to PM and maybe we can find a way of divvying it up amongst ourselves

  • I am not associated with this vendor or trying to sell at a profit in any way, I was just hoping to pick up meat for personal use and wondered if that might be in anyone else’s interest, too.

Since I imagine this would be on many people’s minds, if there’s a way to do this minimizing contact and preserving public health as much as possible I’m all ears to suggestions. Our household has been working from home for the past week and only (carefully) venturing out for groceries and one takeout pickup. We’ve also dropped off groceries to others so they don’t have to leave the house (left on a doorstep or similar to be extra careful) but if there are further suggestion to avoid becoming the Typhoid Mary of LA we’re certainly open to hearing them.

On taking a closer look at the price list I see that the products I’ve bought in the past are the case sizes I mentioned but the products listed are of much smaller increments like 2lb bags of chicken with 3 bags/case that are pretty easy to divide or store in addition to being wholesale prices.


Great post! Way to try to help a business and assist the FTC community at large. I’m stocked up but hopefully you guys are able to organize and order in bulk from them.


I know Jeff Bovon from J&J distributors is doing this as well and putting together some packages for home cooks as a way of getting through this. If anyone is interested pm me and I’ll send the info i got from fb


Jeff Bovon hooked me up with a bunch of high quality uni and ikura just earlier this past week. Great guy. Please support him!


You can now order Girl Scout cookies online.


In follow up to my post earlier it looks like the company I was referring to is selling to the public. They’re called “West Coast Prime Meats” and the website can be found below:

They now offer the ability to shop online, have lowered their minimum order amount and deliver (although I don’t know the restrictions on distance). They previously also had more items than were on the cut list I was sent so it’s probably worth calling and asking if you don’t see what you need in the online shop.

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Has anyone had any experience with Cook’s Venture chicken? I read a few of the articles from that link and generally appreciate the idea of regenerative agriculture but as someone who’s been burned by buzzy, deceptive pro-environment language before I’d be curious if anyone has any thoughts. I was specifically looking into Cook’s Venture because I was interested in getting it from Daniel’s Western Meat Packers along with maybe some Beeler’s pork products.

We’re pretty full up on meat and fish right now having purchased from West Coast Prime Meats (above) and Luxe Seafood but always open to learning about new sources. West Coast Prime Meats and Luxe Seafood are both great enough that I’d be happy sticking with them, though.

No, but I did click on the link and look at the products. Now I am curious because Trader Joe’s has a newish ‘Heirloom’ Chicken that is really tasty and I’m wondering if thats where it comes from?

Good question- I’m not particularly brand loyal so if a reputable source sold under a different name in supermarkets I’d certainly be down to purchase it. There’s just so much misinformation and bastardized food standards out there it feels like you really have to check each source but there’s only so much you can do…

All i really know is flavor wise it’s better than Jidori or Mary’s IMO. Flavor reminds me of the chicken i had in France a bit. Although it’s obviously not.

Yes. We have been buying it for our Weekly Spatchcock Chicken. It’s been quite tasty and takes to dry brining well. Looking forward to stewing with in the future.


This seems like a good deal

Just spotted at Vicente foods

Sharp eyes! Thanks for pointing it out, maybe I’ll give it a try.

Best Buy has it for $164.99 right now.


That is a great rice cooker.

Hmm guess I’ll be checking out Best Buy soon.

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Chef, you might need to buy an entire phalanx of these Zojirushis for the type of volume you serve at PRD, lol…