The taco chronicles

Taco chronicles

Heads up on a new docuseries on Tacos premiering this Friday! Associate producer and scout by our own local Javier Cabral, also known as theglutster. Most taqueros featured are in Mexico but a few will be from LA I’ve been told.

Ps. Anyone interested in a private tour of kernal of truth tortillaria and taco tour this coming Monday night with theglutster and myself, dm me!

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Binged the entire season. LOVE IT! This and flavorful origins are my favorite Netflix food series by a long shot so far this year. I just love the focus on the food and techniques.

My favorite episode was Barbacaoa. Very time and labor intensive. I can’t imagine anyone in the US is doing anything comparable to what they do in Hildalgo. Would love to be proven wrong. Did I spot a Mexican haggis coming out of the pits? That worm salsa looked very interesting

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I’d have liked to see more about the pancita.

Aqui Es Texcoco makes traditional barbacoa. They have locations in Commerce, Chula Vista, and Tijuana.

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I went to AET when they first opened. Thought it was good, wonder how elaborate of a cooking setup they have going on in the back?

My bad, they can’t use the traditional method in the US.

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Screw the brick oven backyard project. Barbacoa pit FTW. I just need to figure out where to source some maguey leaves.


Watched the pilot the other night but haven’t gone further yet. I thought it was pretty good, and it definitely made me want to go back to the DF.

@Sgee For barbacoa, I haven’t seen the episode so not totally sure if this is the same, but maybe Barba Kush can scratch the itch:

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re: The Al Pastor episode:

  1. They inferred that there is a “purist” branch of al pastor specialists where the meat is NOT super red in adobo marinade or w/e. Anyone do that here?

  2. I found it interesting that griddled al pastor is sought after by some in order to achieve crisp. I have seen that at some places here, but thought that was a cheating technique when you don’t get enough action on the trompo

re: 1. Maybe Los Originales Tacos Arabes de Puebla? Different style technically, but trompo without color… (photo below via yelp)

Arab al pastor meat off the spit

  1. Same! I still think it’s an inferior method, and I find that often ends up overcooked or oily or both, but very interesting to hear that.
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hah, speaking of griddled al pastor…seems to be this place’s style:

Damn, those fine-dining carnitas gyoza.

I haven’t watched this yet, but I just saw this article in case anybody wants to track down similar tacos in LA: