Thumbs Up on Venice Beach Wines

Wanted to restock on wine and happened to notice Venice Beach Wines on Postmates.

I think Venice Beach Wines has been around for awhile, but I had never heard of it. Unlike most places selling wine through delivery apps, they had a really nice selection of quality wines, including wines from the Finger Lakes which are really hard to find on the West Coast. I need to doublecheck the prices on Wine Searcher, but I think that unlike restaurants who have wine for delivery on the various apps, they are selling at wine store retail rather than restaurant retail.

I wasn’t looking for food, but Postmates made me add a food item in order to have delivery, so I added a peach arugula salad. Turns out it was delicious – one of the best delivery salads I have had throughout the pandemic – and now I’m bummed that I didn’t order more food.

And I had my first Armenian wine – how could you resist? When was the last time an Armenian wine popped up on your delivery app? Spoiler alert - it was a very nice wine, although I don’t think worth the $50 + price.

Anyway, this is definitely going to be my go-to delivery wine store. There are a lot of delivery options for wine in Southern California, but not any that I am aware of that can get you quality wines in about an hour and where you don’t have to worry about your wine sitting on a delivery truck on a hot day.

Kudos to whoever is curating Venice Beach Wines’ wine list.


Okay checked Wine Searcher and the prices through the delivery apps are higher then you would pay at retail, although I still think below restaurant markups.

I can’t be upset knowing what a chunk they need to give to the delivery apps and, of course, convenience always comes at a price. Still a good option when you absolutely positively don’t want to leave home and are looking for a well curated wine for dinner.


Another Postmates delivery from Venice Wine and I can’t believe how good the food is at this place. Tonight I had roasted vegetables and chicken skewers with romesco sauce and it was flat out delicious and also one of those meals that didn’t suffer much by virtue of delivery. And the food is modestly priced, especially given the quality. I’m just surprised to find food this good at what isn’t even a real restaurant as opposed to a wine bar with a few simple menu items. Definitely enjoyed it more than pandemic deliveries that I have had from places like AOC at triple the price.

And the wine selection continues to rock. It is so well curated and I like that the online menu lists alcoholic beverage content because I try to stay away from high-alcohol wines. They also have really good wine descriptions (not high falutin descriptions that makes no sense to a non-wine professional), so if you know your taste in wine, you really can get a good sense if you would like the wine. Of all the bottles that I have ordered and tasted so far, there has not been a single dud, although there were some I liked more than others.

If there wasn’t a pandemic and if I lived in Venice, I would probably be at this restaurant every night. I absolutely don’t mind paying their mark-ups for wine and that is saying something.


529 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291

In memory of Servorg.

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