Tian Xia San Jue (天下三絕) - Beef Noodle Soup, Taipei

Rated as one of the better beef noodle soup joints in Taipei. Located in the trendy Daan district, Tian Xia San Jue (天下三絕) offers a luxe take on the Taiwanese classic with higher quality ingredients in an upscale setting.

I went all out and ordered the most expensive version (NT$550) - “World class beef noodle soup”. Served with 4 cuts of beef - brisket, oxtail, tendon and a belly like cut with skin on accompanied by thin noodles. A side of spicy beef fat and sliced chilli are offered to spice things up. The broth was very flavorful with a great beefy goodness and subtle anise flavor. Did not feel greasy or heavy, almost consomme like. The addition of the beef fat and very spiicy chilli brought it closer to the classic street variety. All the cuts of beef were very tender and juicy. Excellent!

My SO ordered the pork chop rice which was really good too. Slightly crisp exterior and tender juicy interior. Way better than the very disappointing version at DTF a couple of nights before.

Highly recommended!


That rice looks nice.

That looks f’ing great. Did you try other beef noodles places??

It was excellent…most memorable meal during my trip. Highly recommended if you’re in Taipei.

Had a couple others, none worth mentioning.

BTW I tried the one at DTF (CM) a couple weeks later… ugh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: tasteless colored water