Tidal Mission Bay

Tidal continues to be a favorite that I’d recommend to anyone seeking quality food and a great bayside view.

I haven’t been in some time, and Tidal seems to get only passing mention here, so I thought I’d comment on a dinner that I and a visiting relative (a national award-winning cook and critical diner) had there this evening.

We’d been drinking a 2014 ZD chardonnay at my place before leaving for the restaurant, and we continued once there with their “classic chardonnay” (forgot/lost the name), which to our interest and surprise, was almost a twin. Excellent.

Our foie gras torchon appetizer, which we shared, was delicate and flavorful, with wonderful toast slices, pear slices, and a clean Riesling jelly.

I enjoyed the “crispy skin sea bass”, although I felt the fish was just a tad on the dry side. Hmnm. The “local shelling beans” creation underneath, though, was so outstanding that it almost didn’t matter!

My relative had the duck confit, a generous on-the-bone serving, perfectly cooked. No sign of any greasiness here, and so very tender inside. The skin was just delicious.

We shared the roasted cauliflower that’s coated with a garlic anchovy butter. Excellent. But oh, such plain/boring presentation.

No dessert this time; we were full.

Service was gracious, accommodating, and friendly. There were very few people there, and we dined at a patio two-top right at the water, enjoying the beautiful, clear, cool evening air.

Check the bill; there’s a 2% surcharge for covering minimum wage increases.

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Gotta get over there…
Everyone that has been there has said it is solid.

Are :racehorse: welcome…ha ha

Well, there’s no sign up that says they aren’t welcome…

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I was surprised to read in Eater today that Amy DiBiase is no longer at Tidal. Her successor is Danilo Tangalin (formerly JRDN).

Is it me or does Amy move around a lot?
Reminds of that chef, Paul McCabe…
Must be part of the business…both are very good and what they do.

Wonder if it’s not stated, if I brought a :racehorse:…it would work in Del Mar, I bet…